Brown Calls Sayre Ineffective, Using Stall Tactics; Again Calls for His Resignation

On Sunday Jennifer M. Brown, who is challenging Scott Sayre for chair of the 6th Congressional District Republicans, released a statement calling out her opponent for “ineffectiveness and stall tactics” due to cancellation of the quarterly 6th District meeting that had been scheduled for Saturday, April 7.

An up-or-down vote, to have taken place at Saturday’s meeting, had been touted by Sayre as necessary before releasing lists of names of delegates who had signed up to attend the 6th District convention on May 19, lists that had not been shared with all candidates.

However, on Friday, April 6, the remaining GOP committees released their lists except Roanoke City, and theirs was submitted on Saturday.

Four units — Shenandoah County, Rockingham County, Amherst County, and Lynchburg City — had refused to sit on the names and had released their lists weeks earlier so all candidates could contact those planning to attend the convention.

“We all see now that the scheduled meeting was merely a stall tactic to delay getting the delegate lists to the other campaigns,” Brown stated, adding, “Over the last 48 hours we have seen all the units in the 6th District release their delegate lists, which means that they did not need to wait until after the 6th District Meeting to release them. They had that ability weeks ago.”

She added, “I have said it before and I will say it again. Mr. Sayre needs to resign.”

Not releasing the delegate lists so that candidates would have access to the names had been a huge point of contention. Joe Patten, the immediate past secretary of the Warren County GOP, alleged in an open letter to the Sixth District Committee that Cynthia Dunbar’s campaign received preferential, advance access to coveted delegate lists while other candidates had to wait until this weekend.

With the lists now released, it will be interesting to see who has been rejected, and if any Dunbar supporters are among them.

The 6th District Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, May 19, at James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Delegates will elect a new chair and nominee to challenge the Democratic nominee, decided at a primary on June 12. The winner in November will replace Congressman Bob Goodlatte, who is retiring.

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