Charlottesville is Representing Our Worst

Charlottesville Demonstrations
America has had a problem with any kind of authority since its inception.

  • Native Americans didn’t appreciate their land being confiscated
  • Puritans fled religious persecution
  • Revolutionaries thought taxation without adequate representation in London was unfair
  • Southern states felt that each state was a country unto itself and had the right to self-determination
  • A crazed lunatic in Germany sought genocide and global domination

There are countless examples in American history where resisting authority (justifiably so) created tension, discussion, debate, and, often, violence.

What is happening in Charlottesville is not the same.

What is happening in Charlottesville is a group of small-minded, small-endowed idiots think that they can somehow improve themselves by toting guns and torches through the streets. They think they can intimidate with hate and racism.

They’re wrong.

All across this country today there are sporting events, legitimate political debates, picnics, amusement parks attended, preparations for college, applications for jobs being submitted, checkbooks being balanced. People will also go to restaurants, grocery stores, home improvement stores, see plays, movies, concerts.

And our military units (those wielding the greatest power on earth – far from the pathetic inadequacy and impotence we are seeing on display in Charlottesville) will be deployed preserving this freedom to assemble, speak, and pursue our dreams we have here at home.

All cultures. All religions. All ethnicities will be doing all these things – many of them together. There will not be hate. There will be joy. And love. And peace.

People will go about their day.

The reality is that this show of intimidation by the close-minded will be a blip on the radar and deserves repudiation (although my preference would be to just ignore it).

What’s happening in Charlottesville is nonsense. It is not based on achieving the greater good of American exceptionalism. It is not based on ideas that will continue to advance common good, decency, and democracy. It is not based on achieving our more perfect union.

It is one thing, though: pathetic.

  • Gollywogs forever!

    Pro-white does not equal racist. That’s a false equivalency.

    • Stephen Spiker

      How long are you going to keep insisting you’re not a racist when you have a goddamn minstrel show in your avatar?

      Worst troll ever.

      • Gollywogs forever!

        That’s a gollywog. Ignorant cracker!

    • MD Russ

      When you promote one race over another, that is racist. Ipso facto.

      • Mary Hills

        Why don’t you guys go live as a minority in any country of your choice (excluding of course where the whites are still prominent) if no race is better than the other? What about a muslim country? After that you can tell us whether all “cultures” are “equal”..

      • Gollywogs forever!

        trying to hold on to your own isn’t rascist.

  • SJane

    For everyone that has a right to behave in an uncivil manner, there are others that find this extremely objectionable. History is out PAST, move forward to construct and construe a better message, and actions for future generations. The state police and militias should NOT have to monitor and subject themselves to the actions of a few in negative ways, but PROJECT a Positive position that ALL Americans can learn from. The state of Virginia is unique in the founding of our Democracy today…DO NOT bury it in darkness with this type of protest.

    • Gollywogs forever!

      Just rename everything, remove all the monuments, and let “muh slavery” control us all.

      • SJane

        Clueless to what your response says. YOUR points are NOT
        thoughtful nor rational.

        • Gollywogs forever!

          So block me, clown!

      • old_redneck

        I’ve found recently that those who want to keep the “monuments to the Confederacy” do not realize that the vast majority of these monuments were erected in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s in response to the growth of the “Lost Cause” myth.

        Up to that time, there was no real movement for Confederate monuments on every courthouse square in the South.

        The Lost Cause became a key part of the growth of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which is a major organization that has been associated with the Lost Cause for over a century and which was behind most of the fund-raising to erect Confederate monuments. The UDC was spurred by the mythology perpetuated by Walter Pollard, Jubal Early and the editors and authors of the “Journal of Southern History.” It was that same mythology that elevated Lee and Jackson to sainthood while denigrating the workhorses such as Longstreet and Johnson.

        Read more here:

  • Eric the half a troll

    I certainly hope that this is not just a blip on the radar. The alt-right Trump base has shown its true colors today and at least one person is dead as a result. This is not just “nonsense” but is an outrage. It should never be forgotten again that racism is alive and well in America and largely resided in the south still.

    • Gollywogs forever!

      But burning Baltimore is ok because blacks need their space to be angry.

      • Eric the half a troll

        Wow, sad you feel that way, GF! I am sorry to say that I do not agree with you that burning Baltimore is OK, though.

        • mark Jawsz

          I bet you did not equate Baltimore burning to Barack Obama though.

          • Eric the half a troll

            That would be because Baltimore burning was in direct response to police killing Freddie Grey while in custody having nothing to do with Obama. The response pretty much says it all. While Trump can’t bring himself to condemn the nazis who murdered and maimed in his name, Obama said the rioters in Baltimore should be “treated like criminals”.

          • mark Jawsz

            I concede your point. Well done. I learned something. But you think Trump encourages this? Do you think he bears responsibility what a bunch of neo-Nazis do? So what if they like Trump? There is no doubt that violent, totalitarian leftwing Berkley types liked Barack Obama. It is not Trump who propelled this. IN PART, it is anti-white PC types that push some people to the brink with their “dead white male anti-western civilization diatribes” and white privilege BS.

          • Eric the half a troll

            Well, yes, I do think that (intentionally or not, I am not really sure) Trump encourages this and bears some responsibility for giving these Nazis some form of validation. They have sway over him and they know it – David Dukes said as much at the rally. Anyone can plainly see that he will not denounce them because he fears losing their support. So once again the difference is pretty clear. Obama did not have any problems denouncing those who resort to violence. Trump clearly does and by extension encourages it. Finally, can we give the “poor threatened white man” a break. Sounds like nothing more than a replay of the War on Christmas false whine. They are white supremacist plain and simple. Call them what they are.

        • Gollywogs forever!

          Well, the black mayor did. Said “they need space to be angry”. They need to be arrested. So does any right wing person acting like that.
          Sick to death of ” teens”!

    • Cam

      Let me offer an alternative scenario, that’s far more plausible …

      – The governor, Terry McAuliffe, intended for violence to occur
      – He knows that violence plays well with women, blacks, etc.
      – He coordinated with local dims in Charlottesville
      – He almost got away with it, but the police chopper crashed
      – Now, McAuliffe has the blood of two VSP officers on his hands
      – He’s desperate to cover it up, so …
      – Charges against driver are trumped up, politically motivated

      It’s truly amazing how easily so many in the GOP are fooled by the predictable lies and deceptions of these democrats. Let us not be deceived any more. Let us stand and state the truth.

      • David Obermark

        Take your meds Cam, the ones your doctor prescribed. If none have been prescribed? Seek the attention of a psychiatrist to obtain one.

        • Cam

          From the rear angle video of the Dodge Challenger, in Charlottesville, it’s obvious that antifa violently attacked it before it accelerated.

          So what we’re left with is two dead VSP troopers caught in a diabolical scheme hatched by Terry McAuliffe and his Albemarle henchmen.

          With the Feds involved, they should be able to sort this stuff out; Virginians have no reason to tolerate the criminal regime of McAuliffe.

      • Eric the half a troll

        One key to your alternative scenario that you forgot to mention is that first you, Cam, are an utter imbecile. There now it reads better.

        • Cam

          That’s pretty weak response to the Governor, setting the stage for political violence, that lead to the deaths of three people, including two state troopers.

          Will the Feds hold Terry McAuliffe accountable for his obvious criminal behavior?

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  • Jim Portugul

    I respectfully could not be more in disagreement with you Mr. Hoeft. The absolute worst this country has to offer are the 537 elected members of congress and the WH. They are nothing but a bunch of disfuntional thieves, crooks, liars, and con artists. They, both party’s, have set the tone and the example for this division of America so as to remove the primary focus from their own evil, chicanery, and dysfunction, to that of what we have seen today. An do not be mistaken about this, the media is in bed with those 537 elected hoodlums, and fully supports the division of American for their own financial gain and profit.

  • Gollywogs forever!

    Why is it that our beautiful, gracious First Lady is replaced by an orthodox jew?
    “Jews will not replace us” is a good slogan!

  • Cam

    Terry McAuliffe and his Charlottesville henchmen never anticipated the
    violence they orchestrated would lead to the deaths of two police officers.

    Terry McAulffie, at the very least, attempted to set up the scene for violence because he knew it would create a media spectacle favorable to democrats.

    He never anticipated that setting up the violence would lead to the deaths of two VSP officers, though.

    And now he has their blood on his hands.

    This is terrorism, against citizens of the United States, by Terry McAuliffe and his henchmen.

    Is Corey Stewart the only guy willing to state the truth? Is the rest of the GOP too cowardly to even speak the truth?

  • Eric Smythe

    White nationalism is the heretical and controversial opinion that white people have the right to exist and collectively advocate their self-interest.

    Those who condemn this by default support white genocide.

    And those of our own race who attack us are foolish; you will never be “one of the good whites” so long as you live and don’t hate yourself; remember being white is the original sin of progressive orthodoxy. Anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a Nazi anyway.

    May as well join us and try to preserve a future for your children and grandchildren, who will certainly face escalating violence and social stigma for their race.

    • Stephen Spiker

      My children will be fine, and also not mal-adjusted pricks.

  • mark Jawsz

    An account from someone that was there: So here’s what happened in VA. People protesting removing of monuments got a permit to protest at 12:00. Early that morning Antifa was being flown and bused in from around the country. At 8:45 The Governor sends State police in to cancel a protest that hadn’t started. They forced the protesters out in the streets to a waiting mob of Antifa and BLM. The police were given orders to stand down and let the protesters be attacked. This was a set up by the governor to take away protesters first amendment rights. It doesn’t matter what the protesters had to say. They had a right to say it!!

    • old_redneck

      And the voice of fake news is heard.

      • ramrodd

        old redneck? how about leftist..
        interesting how you post socialist academia

        • Mary Hills

          lol.. totally true. Rawstory for one is an Amazonian river of journalistic s***t. Leftists suffer from an invisible (to themselves only) confirmation bias syndrome..

          • ramrodd

            only 2 comments….i must be special to you!

  • Randall Wenger

    This is stupid.
    You can’t blame one group’s actions and not hold the opposing group responsible for their reactions. Both “sides” are accountable here as well as the authorities who failed to protect the public, no matter how reckless the public acted. This is one of the reasons why we have police.
    It’s biased to blame only one side in this issue.
    Individual responsibility & individual freedom includes both realizing that what you do & say impacts other people as well as controlling yourself when someone pisses you off.

    • Gollywogs forever!

      If Obama and Soros are paying both sides, that is BS!

  • Full Name

    If the media would stop fanning the flames, they would burn out on their own.

  • ramrodd

    Antifa: “The Evil White Race must be Destroyed!” “Thus we are left with only one option… to do what must be done!!” the flyer concluded not exactly saying what needed to be done, but it’s clear that what needs to be done is white genocide.

    Then the writer seeks to encourage readers by writing, “But take heart! After the purge, we will live in a worker’s paradise free from racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and oppression!”

    These people are already making threats to desecrate graves on the 154th Gettysburg anniversary. I’m hopeful that those who enforce the law will deal with those making such threats appropriately. In fact, it’s way past time for the militia to be revived in this country among the people. Per the Constitution, it is we the people that should be a part of that and put down insurrections and invasions. Antifa are insurrectionists. They are not simply protesters.

  • Jay Eimer

    Antifa says “lets erase history – tear down the monuments to war heroes.

    The fact that the war was a black mark on our nations history does not change the fact that it IS part of our history. The fact that some of the monuments in this country are to heroes of the losing side does NOT change the fact that they are still heroes (some of them, anyway).

    Pro-HISTORY supporters set up a lawful pro-statue demonstration, with permit. This is LEGAL 1st Amendment activity. Unfortunately, some of those demonstrators are not our best examples.

    Antifa counter protestors show up looking to start a riot. Had it not been for the “less than best” examples listed above, they would be the bad guys in this story. However, the bad examples (neo-nazis, white supremacists) that DO NOT represent the preserve history movement were probably just as likely to be “spoiling for a fight”

    And (allegedly) the Governor WANTED a riot – well, he got one, didn’t he.

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