6th District’s Plurality Vote Rule Tossed by SCC … Will Be Voted on at Convention

On Saturday at their quarterly meeting, the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee voted to strike the plurality vote that had been decided by the Sixth Congressional District Republican Committee in selecting a nominee for the seat of Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte who is retiring at the end of this term.

Jennifer Brown, candidate for chairman of the 6th, explained what happened:

“[A]t the Republican State Central Committee meeting this past Saturday, … members overwhelmingly voted in favor to strike the plurality language from the Official Call of our Convention.  This decision gave the voice back to you, the voters, where it rightfully belongs. You can watch my interview regarding the SCC’s decision HERE.

“The thoughts behind a majority vote is to create coalitions within our party, and to come out of the convention with a majority of support behind the eventual nominee going into the General Election in November.  The half-truths that are being propagated by current 6th District Leadership is disingenuous and dangerous to the election process.  This is why now more than ever, we need to work together to make sure that we come out of the May 19 convention with a majority of support behind our Congressional Representative nominee in order to succeed in November.”

So the issue is still alive but will be voted up or down at the convention.

Five of the six candidates objected to the plurality decision. Only one, Cynthia Dunbar, did not object.

A plurality is when the winner simply receives the most votes, not a majority. Using plurality is very uncommon, a fact picked up by the Roanoke Times earlier this year when they wrote, “The committee also voted through a rule so unusual it might be the first of its kind.” (See more details here.)

Mike Troxel addressed State Central Committee in favor of changing the rules from plurality to majority. Chairman of the Sixth District Scott Sayre spoke in favor of retaining the plurality vote.

The Sixth Congressional District Convention will be held Saturday, May 19, at James Madison University in Harrisonburg.

For more background see also on Bearing Drift….

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