Justo: Dunbar Should Be Removed From Ballot

By Ed Justo

I am appalled, and infuriated, by the level of corruption of the Republican Party in Virginia, specifically the 6th District. I stated previously to the District Chair, and all chairs of each sector, that there had been an early release of delegate information to Cynthia Dunbar.

Her campaign “director,” Matt Tederick, stated in various responses that my complaint was “childish,” stupid, and he “did not have time” to deal with it. Turns out my complaint was fully accurate. The proof is not only in Dunbar’s admission that she received information prematurely as on the prior remitted video link on the matter (video interview courtesy of Mr. Whitelow from Breaking Through at the 7:10 mark) but now reaffirmed by the email remitted by the former secretary for Warren County.

I demand Dunbar’s removal from the ballot as a candidate and from her post at the party, as well as the removal of Mr. Tederick  and Mr. Kurtz from their current positions, as well as the prohibition from any of them to hold any office in the Republican Party, or for the Republican Party, ever again.

Notice I cannot demand the same from Sayre, the Chair for the District, because he had no control over what Warren County did or did not do until further investigation, but Tredick and Kurtz had direct involvement with the delegate lists at Warren County.

It is the least they all deserve for their corrupt actions. These actions are reminiscent of what happens in Third World Countries at their elections. We, as Americans, deserve better than that, and so does every patriot in Virginia.

Attorney Ed Justo lives in Harrisonburg and is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the Sixth Congressional District.

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