Lynchburg GOP Chair Protests 6th District Republican Committee Vote

For those who may have missed Lynchburg Republican Committee chairman Brian Keith Triplett’s email that was posted on the committee’s Facebook page, here it is. In it, he expresses his disappointment with the 6th Congressional District Republican Committee. (See also Ben Cline Calls Out the ‘Rigging of the 6th District Committee’ for more background.)

Dear Lynchburg Area Republicans:

The 6th Congressional District Republican Committee met on 1/6/2018 to decide the location and date of this year’s district convention.

I regret to inform you that the district committee voted overwhelmingly to reject the Vines Center at Liberty University as the site of this year’s convention—even though it is an outstanding facility and was available at a much lower cost than the location that was chosen.

In addition, the district committee then voted overwhelmingly to hold the convention on graduation day at Liberty University. This decision effectively disenfranchises Liberty University students, faculty, staff, families—everyone participating in the graduation ceremonies on May 19. As Chairman of the Lynchburg City Republican Committee, I argued in favor of holding our district convention at LU and on a date that would allow students to participate.

Over the years the College Republicans at Liberty University have worked tirelessly to elect Republican candidates at every level of government. The decisions that were made today by certain members of the 6th District Republican Committee—especially the decision to hold the convention on graduation day at Liberty University—reflects a willful disregard of the time, talent, and treasure invested in our party by these young college Republicans.

The unfortunate decisions made by the majority caucus of the district committee reflect the short-sighted choices of those who are more interested in protecting their shrinking political turf than building a Republican Party that welcomes the young conservative leaders of the future.


Brian Keith Triplett, Chairman
Lynchburg City Republican Committee

For more information, the Roanoke Times published an editorial about the decisions made at the meeting (see Both Dunbar and a Mystery Democrat Get an Advantage) and Delegate Ben Cline posted on Facebook (see Ben Cline Calls Out the ‘Rigging of the 6th District Convention’).

Deadline is Wednesday, January 17 for anyone who wants to run for District Chairman against Scott Sayre, and for one of the three Regional Vice Chair positions.

Agenda for convention (“The Call”)
District Chair Prefile Form (due January 17) – $500
Regional Vice Chair Prefile Form (due January 17) – $100
Congressional Candidate Prefile Form (due January 17) – $5,000

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