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RIP Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf has died at his home in Tampa. He was 78. Known for his leadership in Operation Desert Storm, he was also a Vietnam War veteran. George H. W. Bush, President during Desert Storm and now in the hospital in Houston, released a statement remembering the general. More from the Wall Street Journal […]

  • Good ‘Get’ for Romney CampaignCatch-All, Politics

    For photo fans, you may be happy to know that Eric Draper, an outstanding photographer who was the White House photographer for George W. Bush, has signed on with the Romney campaign. This is a smart choice and a good “get” for Romney. Browse Draper’s website (see link above) for his recent work and historical […]

  • Big News from North Korea!International

    Breaking! North Korea has launched a rocket this evening, which —- never mind. Failed in about 90 seconds. We shouldn’t be too dismissive, though… Lots of national rocket programs start with spectacular failures. Then they stop failing so much.

  • McDonnell Overtakes RubioPolitics, Virginia

    …in National Journal’s veepstakes, for now. Comments on these stories are always funny, as they bring out the folks who say “he’s a knuckle-dragging ultra-conservative” and those who say “he caved, he caved, he’s a squish.” Well, Mitt Romney is a numbers kind of a guy, and he’s counting votes. A McDonnell pick would lose […]

  • HHS Mandate: Worse Now!Politics

    Obama and Co. have re-jiggered the wording on the HHS mandate… and they have made it worse. “No, this is worse than before. Insurance companies will pass the costs on to employers and employees, whereas before, only employers would pay the costs.” Costs aside, step back and look at what’s happening: the President claims to […]

  • Bloggers’ Day 2012, the Photo PostPolitics, Virginia

    Tuesday, Feb. 7 was the 5th annual Bloggers’ Day, held by Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. Others will write about the events, but here are some photos from the day. The first event was a briefing and Q&A session by the Lt. Gov.                           […]

  • Bloggers’ Day, Photo Post Up Wed.Catch-All

    Many thanks to Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and staff for hosting a great Blogger’s Day Tuesday, Feb. 7. More tomorrow, including plenty of pictures. Meanwhile, just one photo, from the back of the Capitol, on this unusually mild Feb. evening.

  • UnconscionablePolitics

    In all the chatter about the South Carolina primary, you may have missed the ruling from HHS Secretary Sibelius, which amounts to telling many religious organizations that they now have one year to comply with mandates that deeply violate their religion. At issue is: “Religious leaders had feared the worst from Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and […]

  • Va Legislature: New Committee Assignments Out TodayPolitics, Virginia

    Speaker Howell is out with the new Committee assignments. He writes: Following the opening of the 2012 General Assembly Session this afternoon, Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) exercised his authority as presiding officer of the 100-member body to name delegates to the 14 standing committees of the House. Since 2000, House […]

  • Today’s Happy PostPolitics

    Reid Wilson (@HotlineReid) tweets this morning: “Pro-Hillary Clinton robocalls now reported in MD, WI, PA, MI, FL, NY and AZ #HotlineSort” Think of it… Obama spending millions and millions and millions in a real primary fight… You’re welcome, Virginia blogosphere! Have a happy day!