Big News from North Korea!

Breaking! North Korea has launched a rocket this evening, which —- never mind. Failed in about 90 seconds.

We shouldn’t be too dismissive, though… Lots of national rocket programs start with spectacular failures. Then they stop failing so much.

  • All America trembles at the power of Dear Leader! His Kung-Fu is formidable!

  • MD Russ

    We should not underestimate the North Korean ICBM threat. True, they have had some spectacular failures, but so did we in the early days of our rocket and ballistic missile programs. Even into the fourth manned space flight program, the Space Shuttle, we had a huge catastrophic loss during the launch of the Challenger.

  • reality

    How do we know it failed without help?

  • Tim J

    I wonder if they get their parts from China like we do? On the SciFi side, a success for Stuxnet or a directed energy weapon that disrupted the missile guidance systems. Kudos and high fives to whoever’s responsible, including their engineers and scientists who will be blamed for humiliating the Supreme Leader and have been reassigned as the newest residents of a NC gulag!

  • MD Russ

    Tim J,

    I suspect that they managed to screw this pooch all by themselves. As the saying goes, “Never attribute to malice that which can be readily explained by incompetence.” However, as I said in my earlier comment, they will learn from their mistakes and eventually get it right. And when they do, the wisdom of Ronald Reagan and his SDI will be validated. Of course, that will not stop the bleeding heart liberals from calling for more Defense cuts to solve the deficit (as if it would) and from damning the “military-industrial complex.”

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