McDonnell Overtakes Rubio

…in National Journal’s veepstakes, for now. Comments on these stories are always funny, as they bring out the folks who say “he’s a knuckle-dragging ultra-conservative” and those who say “he caved, he caved, he’s a squish.” Well, Mitt Romney is a numbers kind of a guy, and he’s counting votes. A McDonnell pick would lose the commbox vote, but commboxes don’t vote. Generally Virginia citizens like him and might be happy to have him as VP.

  • reality

    his buddy Pat Robertson wants to legalize pot, is that his view also?

  • Finally, something I can agree with Pat Robertson about. He’s absolutely right on this one. So is Ron Paul for that matter.

  • I am a bit or a contrarian.. I think the abortion debate will not harm Bob..

  • Mike

    Assuming Romney will be the nominee, I think McDonnell would be a bad choice. He will be unable to deliver Virginia.

  • William Bailey

    Gov Bob McD has little chance of being picked as the VP candidate if Virginia doesn’t have a state budget. The republicans have control of all branches in Richmond (yes, 20-20 mean control to the GOP) and still can’t get a budget passed.

    I suggest the republican’s compromise with the Dems and pass a budget if they expect Bobby McD to have a shot…


  • Mr. Bailey, that the Senate Democrats are failing to do the job they are elected to do is not the fault of Bob McDonnell. That they want power more than police or teachers or roads is not the fault of Bob McDonnell. And if they go home after tomorrow they’ll find that out from their constituents.

    No doubt you would’ve felt differently about Tim Kaine who couldn’t even get his own party to vote for his budget.

  • Romney would be a fool not to take Gov. McDonnell. McD has focused on jobs neartly his entire term. He is very popular- over 60%, the most popular governor in the country- and would likely take Virginia off the table for Obama, which would make his map a lot more difficult.

    I don’t see how the budget hurts McD. The Senate Dems are throwing a temper tantrum and using the fact that the LG can’t cast the deciding vote to try to make a power play. It is transparent and many of the teachers etc will not enjoy not getting paid because of it.

  • Mike Barrett

    It is not surprising that republicans would prefer McDonnell; after all, republicans are corporatists who believe in starving the beast, that is, cutting the arms and legs off government so it can be drowned in a bathtub. McDonnell, he of glib speech and fast talk, has the ability to appear moderate when in fact, he is a far right evangelical conservative.

    His assault on transportation is legendary; he and his cohorts in the House have created a $10,000,000,000 unfunded liability of maintenance and repair of our transportation infrastructure to pass on to our children. Now, they and he have turned their attention to K-12 public education with a strategy of starving public schools of resources.

    Two actions proof this strategy; the cuts to local schools, and the approval this year of tax credits so corporations can reduce their tax liability to the Commonwealth, thereby “starving the beast.”

    Why any candidate would choose a Governor who has done the above, before even considering the actions he has taken to push his christian religious agenda on all citizens of this Commonwealth is beyond me. But I do understand that if the poll was taken among republicans, that result is not surprising, and the citizens of Virginia and the United States had better wake up to the destruction of our roads, public schools, and our personal liberties that is at the core of McDonnell’s performance.

  • It’s also not surprising that Mike Barrett would troll the comments.

  • rightyb07

    McDonnell (and RPV) need to be hammering the Senate Dems daily for their behavior on the budget. McDonnell could definitely use this event boost his popularity (based on good governance principles)

  • Old-geezer

    Fear not evil producers of the dreaded CO2.

    When “Freedom Ford” becomes POTUS, all problems will be solved.

    If Barry and all of the other democrats who believe that CO2 is evil would just stop eating carbon based food, then we could starve the beast.

  • Bill, I notice you want the Republicans to compromise. Why aren’t the Democrats compromising?

  • Tim J

    “cutting the arms and legs off government so it can be drowned in a bathtub.” Oh, Oh… Mike is channeling his good friend Grover Norquist who has taken up residence in Mike’s head.

  • Peter Sperry

    McDonnell has been a good (not perfect but good) governor and one of Romney’s most active supporters on the campaign trail. Nevertheless, Rubio would be the better choice for VP at this point. Romney will win or lose Virginia depending on the ROVA/NOVA split and McDonnell support will not change that split by more than 1-3 percent. Outside of Va, McDonnell is well known only within the Republican base and, while not a drag on the ticket, would not deliver any swing states. Rubio would nail down Florida, probably deliver New Mexico, allow the ticket to be competitive in Colorado and help with the Tea Party base in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Besides, we need McDonnell to run for senate in 2014.

  • Mike Barrett

    Good friend? Hardly. But that vile man is at the core of the belief system of republicans in the House of Representatives, and the republicans in the House of Delegates in Virginia. In both bodies, near 95% of republicans have signed the Norquist no tax pledge, which to me is a repudiation of the oath of office everyone of them has taken, as they now swear their allegiance to Norquist, not to us, their constituents.

    The dismantling of government functions by both bodies is a clear tactic to provide their corporatists masters with more opportunity to profit at our expense. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their neo con buddies made this an art form in the military, which now could not fulfill its mission without open ended contracts with defense contractors.

    In Virginia, McDonnell’s contract with Northrop Grumman to run IT in this state, and his PPV with international conglomerates to build the Midtown tunnel at much greater cost to us over some 58 years, and the tax break for corporations who donate to private schools, all point to the tactics that corporatists demand from the republicans.

    None of that is in our interest; it is all in the interest of profit for their corporatists masters.

  • Mike, it’s 2012, not 1984. Republican policy at all levels has advanced pretty far from Grover’s bathtub quip. Time to talk about what we are really arguing, not what we were arguing 30 years ago.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Romney goes into the South, says it is an “away game”, and assures voters that it’s “all about delegates” instead of the popular vote, you could have a VP slate that includes Senators and Governors from every state below the Mason Dixon line and it won’t make a whit of difference. Getting behind Mitt Romney is the doofus move of the 21st Century. The establishment insiders are totally out of touch.

  • Jumping Jack

    If comment boxes voted, Paul would be our GOP nominee.

    Nothing cracks me up more than those who come in here looking to change conservative minds to progressive ones with their “well thought out perfect comment.” Time spent doing that in here is better spent canvassing, campaigning, lobbying or reading a book so you can further develop the “perfect comment.”

  • Jumping Jack

    But hey, at least you can rest easy at night knowing you did you best to promote progressive policies and saved the world.

  • Mike Barrett

    Brian, that may be true, but as they say, show me.

    The republicans in the Virginia General Assembly apparently have not read your memo. When I review what they have done, and propose to do, I can only conclude that Grover Norquist’s dictum is alive and well in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    In fact, the moment a so called majority was created by the republicans, we can see that it was only the past democratic majority in the Senate that stopped them from the excesses they have now embarked upon.

    If you know something about republican policy that refutes my conclusion, I would like to hear about it. But from where I sit and observe, we are headed down s slippery slope toward privatization and corporatist mentality whether it benefits the public interest or not.

  • Bearing Drift Thought Process

    After the impressive 5% turnout McDonnell posted for Romney in the primary on Tuesday, his vice presidential nomination is pretty much already decided and anyone who doubts that is an idiot.

    Unlike Rubio, McDonnell not only endorsed Romney shortly before the South Carolina primary, but actually sent people from Virginia down there – people on the ground who made a big difference for Romney.

    All Rubio ever did was defend Romney in Florida, where Romney clearly already had it in the bag.

  • Mike Barrett

    You’re kidding, right? An impressive turnout is 5%? How will that work for you in the General Election?

    If Romney’s objective is to get every republican to vote for him, McDonnell may be a good choice. Of course, that assures the President an easy victory.

  • Tim J

    “Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their neo con buddies made this an art form…”… Mike, ‘snap!’..’snap!’ wake up and come out of it! Should we call 911 because you are smoking your medicine again, or should we call the Eastern State because you are still trapped in an hallucination singing “Time Warp” in an endless loop of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”?

  • Mike Barrett

    So Tim J, you are denying that this continues to this day?

  • Tim J

    Mike, are you denying that Obama is the President and that Bush, Cheny and Rumsfeld are still in office?

  • Mike Barrett

    Tim J, once the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought and supported by contractors as established by the neo cons, that policy is not easily reversed, especially by a republican Congress who wants it to remain exactly that way so they have ready sources of cash from international conglomerates like Halliburton to fund their campaigns.

  • Peter Sperry

    Mike Barrett — which party controlled Congress for the first 2 years of Obama’s administration? And had a 60 vote majority in the Senate?

  • Mike Barrett

    In the middle of two ground wars in Asia, there was little time to reverse a decade of practice put into effect by the neo cons of replacing active duty soldiers with contractors and of creating an entire new private security apparatus in the state department as well.

    In fact, much the same thing has occured in the homeland security bureaucracy which has become overrun with government contractors. That was just the Bush way, and frankly, I can’t see any improvement in operations.

  • Tim J

    “That was just the Bush way, and frankly, I can’t see any improvement in operations.” But in your estimation “operations” have been greatly improved with the hiring of 10’s of thousands of new government employees feeding the bureaucracies at DOJ, HHS, HUD, DOT, Departments of Energy and Education and of course the almighty EPA? Mike, you’re in “replay” mode again and making excuses for Obama by blaming Bush ain’t cuttin’ it anymore.

  • Jumping Jack

    Democrats are lucky they gerrymandered the senate and the Republicans only redistricted the house. According to results from the State Board of Elections, Virginia’s Senate races produced a statewide total of 536,087 votes for Democratic candidates. Republican candidates won 768,914 votes—43 percent more. Independent and write-in candidates claimed another 49,979 votes. Yet the senate remains 20-20. Republicans have every right to act as a majority and Democrats would of too if the situation was reversed.

  • Jumping Jack

    If Senate seats were apportioned according to aggregate vote totals, then Democrats would be entitled to 16, not 20.

  • Jumping Jack

    It should be obvious to any fool the democrats are holding the budget hostage because they are upset about the “power grab” by the Republicans. Power is gained and lost at elections and frankly the Democrats are lucky it’s 20-20. I’ll repost this statement from Reason magazine.

    “According to results from the State Board of Elections, Virginia’s Senate races produced a statewide total of 536,087 votes for Democratic candidates. Republican candidates won 768,914 votes—an astounding 43 percent more. Independent and write-in candidates claimed another 49,979 votes…If Senate seats were apportioned according to aggregate vote totals, then Democrats would be entitled to 16, not 20.”

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes, well if, if, if the Senate and House republicans did not overreach on religious and cultural issues, Bob McDonnell may still have had a political future on the national stage.

    But things are as they are. Democrats finally fought back and they will be heard and reckoned with in the budget adopted by the Legislature.

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