Bloggers’ Day 2012, the Photo Post

Tuesday, Feb. 7 was the 5th annual Bloggers’ Day, held by Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. Others will write about the events, but here are some photos from the day. The first event was a briefing and Q&A session by the Lt. Gov.

























The visitor galleries were too crowded to allow House or Senate visits. However, outside the capitol there was plenty going on. There were many children wearing yellow scarves marked “school choice” (see this post ) – just a few of the children can be seen here.











These two gentlemen were being interviewed by someone else. The man on the right, Chuck Lessin, (with his son, at left here) was holding forth on the recent HHS ruling, calmly but strongly objecting to it. Persons of many faiths are objecting to the ruling!











When you work in the General Assembly Building, the glamor just never stops!












More briefings followed in the afternoon, including speakers Bob Holsworth, Boyd Marcus, Sen. Mark Obenshain, Del. Rob Bell, and two people working for George Allen’s campaign.
























Finally the bloggers went to the Governor’s mansion for a reception hosted by the McDonnells and the Bollings. Gov. McDonnell marveled at how blogging, etc. has changed campaigning, as bloggers can post things in real time. Here the Gov. and Lt. Gov. share a laugh at the reception.

















Bearing Drift attendees got together before the reception for a rare group photo.









Thanks again to Bill Bolling’s staff members, and to the Gov. and Mrs. McDonnell, and the Lt. Gov. and Mrs. Bolling, for hosting the Bloggers’ Day events and reception.