RIP Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf has died at his home in Tampa. He was 78. Known for his leadership in Operation Desert Storm, he was also a Vietnam War veteran. George H. W. Bush, President during Desert Storm and now in the hospital in Houston, released a statement remembering the general.

More from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

The NBC News story refers to Schwarzkopf’s on-camera briefings given during Desert Storm. I remember these as a thing of beauty, with the West Point educated mechanical engineer destroying the inane questions that reporters asked him.

  • MD Russ

    At the beginning of the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein had the fourth largest Army in the world. After 100 hours of ground combat led by GEN Norman Schwarzkopf, Saddam had the second largest Army in Iraq.

    ‘Nuff said. RIP, Bear.

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