Fox News Poll: Northam 42%, Gillespie 38%

In the flurry of Virginia gubernatorial polls this week, another one, this time from Fox News, shows the race is close between Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam:

Ed Gillespie (R): 38 percent

Ralph Northam (D): 42 percent

Cliff Hyra (L): 2 percent

Undecided: 18 percent

Margin of error: +/- 4 percent

Among the 53 percent of voters who are extremely or very interested in the election, the numbers were also close:

Gillespie: 45 percent

Northam: 44 percent

Though President Donald Trump’s approval is underwater in Virginia (53 percent disapprove, 42 percent approve), most voters said Trump was not a factor in the race (74 percent).

Check the full Fox News poll for more information.

Other polls this week have also shown Virginia’s gubernatorial race is neck-in-neck: Mason-Dixon and University of Mary Washington.

  • old_redneck

    Gillespie’s recent “Willie Norton” ad attempting to tie Northam to MS-13 tells us all we need to know about Gillespie — he has nothing except the usual GOP bullshit and FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.

    Meanwhile, there’s this.

    I live in VA-01 where we allegedly are represented by Rob Wittman. Of course, Wittman never shows up in the district except for an occasional visit to the Sili mansion and plantation in Caroline County or to entertain
    high-rollers at the Indian Creek Country Club in Kilmarnock.

    I subscribe to his mailing list, which results in my receiving 2-3 “surveys” from him each week.

    Immediately after the Gillespie MS-13 AD started running on Richmond TV, Wittman issued a survey asking if I thought MS-13 was a threat —
    Don’t Know.

    So — looks as though the MS-13 topic will be a major GOP talking point against Northam . . . because they have nothing else.

    Pathetic. But, then, this is Republicans we are talking about.

    And — there’s this:

    Tonight, Representative Barbara Comstock demonstrated a shocking lack of
    respect for her VA-10 constituents. After going over 6 months since
    last holding a “virtual” Town Hall, and nearly a thousand days in office
    without holding a real in-person Town Hall in the district,
    Representative Comstock held a stealth conference call and claimed it
    counted as a town hall. Despite Congress having spent much of the last
    few months in recess, Rep. Comstock decided to hold her “town hall” on
    the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. While the event was nominally open
    to the public, Rep. Comstock failed to advertise it on social media, her
    Congressional website, or her email newsletter. Rumors that it would be
    held began trickling out yesterday, but only folks who got the secret
    PIN code or were hand-selected to be robocalled by Comstock’s staff were
    able to participate.

    Not only did Representative Comstock fail to provide her constituents
    with any public notice, she showed up 10 minutes late to the 7PM event,
    and only at 7:30 (a third of the way through the event) was the first
    member of the public allowed to speak.

    Stand by for the Mistress of the Sili Mansion and Plantation to come up on the net and tell me Comstock and Wittman don’t hold town halls because they “don’t want to be yelled at.” The fact of the matter is, they don’t hold in-person, face-to-face town halls because they care not a whit about their constituents . . . it’s all about their donors.

    • ameri…canwork

      Ole Red ,
      Gillespie is all BS when it comes to MS-13.
      Two of the three killers of Raymond Wood here in “conservative lynchburg ,Va.” fled from the murder in Montgomery County MD earlier.
      They knew where to come hide and work.
      Now we have Gillespie saying he would cut DPOR Regulations and spur job growth, oh yea, what regulations?
      The same one that Bob for Jobs would not enforce that led to Lynchburg, Va becoming a employment sanctuary district for criminals, illegal commerce, payroll, tax and insurance fraud.
      This story above sheds light on the facetious Republican leadership, 200 violations issued, DPOR ran a 2.9 Million Dollar Surplus yet not one investegation. Then we have JLARC427, this study estimates a 25 million dollar loss annually to Va’s general fund.
      The election of Gillespie could cost Va more than 100 Million in his term not to mention the legal job loss , tax and insurance fraud.

    • Downstater

      What about the ad. is false? In NOVA, there is growing MS 13 gang activity. We never had that before.

      • FromRIC

        Have you been living under a rock for the past 20 years? MS was all over NoVA, with Fairfax, Arlington, and eastern Loudoun seeing most of their drug crime and murders tied to MS activity. Due to law enforcement efforts between late 90s and now, the MS threat has not grown significantly in NoVA…Maryland, on the other hand, has seen MS activity increase at an amazing rate.

  • Jim Portugul

    Did you ask Hillary what she thinks of polls?

  • SJane

    Polling is NOT an exact science, and should NOT be considered an accurate measure of what someone thinks or how they will vote.
    2016 revealed to ALL Americans just how flawed polling was, and how Polls are read.
    NEVER answered a Poll or Survey; DO NOT belong to/on any social media site, and DO NOT intend to. Voting is personal and should be the right of an individual to make their choice w/o having to expose what their choices could be/maybe to the world prior to the Vote. Good Luck to ALL Virginians, be ready to live with your choices…IMO

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