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Fox News Poll: Northam 42%, Gillespie 38%

In the flurry of Virginia gubernatorial polls this week, another one, this time from Fox News [1], shows the race is close between Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam:

Ed Gillespie (R): 38 percent

Ralph Northam (D): 42 percent

Cliff Hyra (L): 2 percent

Undecided: 18 percent

Margin of error: +/- 4 percent

Among the 53 percent of voters who are extremely or very interested in the election, the numbers were also close:

Gillespie: 45 percent

Northam: 44 percent

Though President Donald Trump’s approval is underwater in Virginia (53 percent disapprove, 42 percent approve), most voters said Trump was not a factor in the race (74 percent).

Check the full Fox News poll [2]for more information.

Other polls this week have also shown Virginia’s gubernatorial race is neck-in-neck: Mason-Dixon [3]and University of Mary Washington [4].