Joe Biden for Re-Election

Disclaimer: This post reflects my views alone.

With No Labels deciding (wisely, in my view) not to present a candidate for president, the choice this November became much more dramatically clear. Anyone truly concerned about the fate of the democratic world – to say nothing about democracy here at home – will have but one choice on the ballot: voting to re-elect President Biden.

You, dear reader, may find that to be hyperbole. I wish it were; it is not.

There will be, at most, six candidates on the presidential ballot here in Virginia (or anywhere else): President Biden, Donald Trump, Jill Stein, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Cornel West, and whomever the Libertarians nominate.

The LP has openly advocated leaving NATO, which would permanently weaken the democratic world and embolden our authoritarian enemies. Four of the other five (Stein, Trump, Kennedy, and West) have spoken in favor of leaving or ending the democratic alliance. That leaves Biden.

President Biden is literally the only candidate (major or well-known minor) that supports NATO; he is also the only candidate who supports Ukraine’s fight to defend itself.

Please note, Biden is not merely the only candidate “with a shot at winning.” He will be the only presidential candidate on the ballot who will stand up to the Moscow-Beijing alliance. The Chinese Communist Party has already figured this out; they are now joining the Kremlin on Team Trump.

No one is saying the president has been perfect. His decision to leave Afghanistan was a serious mistake; a mark of his great political fortune is that no one running against him this fall disagrees with the decision (and, indeed, it was Trump’s agreement with the Taliban that Biden was following).

Likewise, his failure to entertain supply-side reforms to tackle inflation is mimicked by all of his opponents. On the social issue that is the most important America faces (the fate of pre-born children), the Republican policy has clearly failed, although Biden is not alone in rejecting that failed policy.

Biden does stand alone on foreign policy. He, and he alone, supports NATO and Ukraine. For that reason, I do endorse and will vote for him.

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