5 Years Ago: Photos from 2016 RPV Convention at JMU

Five years ago this weekend the Republican Party of Virginia held its 2016 convention at James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Remember the days when we could all gather safely inside? No masks, no fears, lots of crowding together – the only worries were political?

As I looked through the photos today, I decided to share them because there are so many familiar faces from that event. They are captioned as they were on Facebook in 2016. More links below with additional pics and posts about the weekend.

Alec Thomas with his dad Michael Thomas who was First Vice Chair of RPV

Ed and Cathy Gillespie. Ed was running for Governor.

Pre-convention with set-up complete and chairs in place at JMU Convocation Center

My George Allen pin from the Governor and Ed Gillespie pin.

Del. Greg Habeeb

Alex Davis and Matt Colt Hall

Patience personified … the wind beneath my wings.

Alec Thomas, Michael Thomas, Alex Davis, Jeff Sili

Alec Thomas, Michael Thomas, and RTD’s political reporter Jeff Schapiro

Ed Gillespie, Roger Jarrell, Michael Thomas

Dan Webb and Matt Colt Hall

Jenni Aulgur and Patrick Stott

Savanna and Stacie, the ladies behind the blog “Millennial Ascent”

Kyle Kilgore with his dad Del. Terry Kilgore

Rollin Reisinger crunching numbers with Caroline Supervisor Jeff Sili

Jonathan Comer

Former Virginia First Lady Roxane Gilmore

Chaz Haywood, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Clerk of Court

Matt Hall and Chaz Haywood

Chaz and Alex Davis

John Whitbeck who was RPV Chair and Cole Trower

Alec Thomas and Cathy Gillespie

These two made the weekend fun – Alex Davis and Matt Hall.

Alex Davis and my buddy Barb Tillett

Jeff Schapiro

Cynthia Dunbar with her husband after she won National Committeewoman

The late Kevin Corbett and Alex Davis

Dolores Switzer

Tucker Obenshain and Suzanne Obenshain

Dave Eggleston, Boyd Marcus, former Governor Jim Gilmore, Lee Pillsbury

Rep. Morgan Griffith and Vance Wilkins

Marshall Pattie who was Augusta County supervisor at the time

Steve Waters and Rollin Reisinger. Steve sat in my parents’ Midlothian home during the 2004 George W. Bush reelection campaign for president, and he and my mom worked on campaign stuff at the kitchen table. Kind of a White House kitchen cabinet in RVA. Lol

State Senator Jill Vogel greets Del. Todd Gilbert.

Peggy Huffman talks with Del. Todd Gilbert

Former Virginia Republican Governor Jim Gilmore and Alex Davis

Mary Ellen Goodlatte and Congressman Bob Goodlatte

Roger Jarrell who was Rockbridge Republican Committee chair at the time.

Wendell Walker who was 6th Congressional District Chair at the time.

Former Virginia Republican Attorney General Jerry Kilgore.

Former Gov. Gilmore, RTD’s Jeff Schapiro, and Roxane Gilmore.

Jean Gannon, former chair of Powhatan County

Del. Glenn Davis

Trixie Averill, Georgia Long, Wendell Walker, Martha Boneta

Matt Colt Hall and Linwood Cobb

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Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell

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