2016 RPV Convention in Photos, Part 1

Also see Jim Hoeft’s convention wrap-up: Whitbeck, Blackwell, Dunbar win; Cruz does well with ‘second ballot’ delegates.

DSCN0956 (2)
Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte and wife Maryellen

DSCN0933 (2)
Former Virginia Lieutenant Governor John Hager and Trixie Averill. John has been everywhere and done everything for the Republican Party of Virginia so when he was not chosen as a delegate to the national convention, it was disappointing that his long years of supporting the party was not recognized. Trixie was former 6th Congressional District Chairman, former RPV Western Vice Chairwoman, Virginia Director of Americans for Prosperity, and a staffer for numerous campaigns including George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Bob McDonnell, and Bill Bolling.

DSCN0934 (2)Mike Thomas and Trixie. Mike was a College Republican at the University of Virginia before going on to join Governor George Allen’s campaign and then his administration followed by years of volunteering for the Republican Party of Virginia as First Vice Chairman.

DSCN0935 (2)

DSCN0940 (2)
First person I saw after stepping inside the convocation center Saturday morning was Adam Washington wearing his shirt that I like. He had this on in December when we both worked the Jeb Bush table at the Republican Advance at the Homestead. Great shirt!

Ready to go for Saturday … day 2 of the RPV Convention.

Outgoing 6th Congressional District Chairman Wendell Walker on Saturday morning before everyone began arriving. I think this picture says a lot more than just what I saw through the lens….

Rollin Reisinger … Bearing Drift contributor, numbers cruncher, political junkie, and another of the young people coming along.

Delegate Greg Habeeb

Dr. Nancy Dye and Matt Colt Hall

DSCN0937 (2)

DSCN0917 (2)
Delegate Steve Landes (25th District) and Matt

DSCN0918 (2)
RNC’s Garren Shipley, former Communications Director for RPV, and Matt talking with Stacie Gordon (MillennialAscent.com)

DSCN0919 (2)
Matt and Stacie

DSCN0923 (2)
Trixie and Mike Meredith, former chair of Rockingham County GOP.

DSCN0927 (2)
Daniel Cortez who sang the “National Anthem” at Friday’s opening of the 2016 RPV State Convention.

DSCN0931 (2)

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell and Alex Davis
April 29-30, 2016

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