No Recount for 24th District, Ronnie Campbell’s Win Holds – Updated

There will be no recount in the 24th Republican House District. Rockbridge Supervisor Ronnie Campbell, declared the winner on Saturday, will be the Republican nominee.

Vance Wilkins, chairman of the 24th Legislative District Committee, held a hastily-called meeting Sunday afternoon for the committee to make a decision on the recount requested by Amherst Supervisor Jimmy Ayers who lost the Firehouse Primary Saturday by one vote. That came after Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox issued a statement Sunday morning that left the decision in the hands of the legislative committee.

With four candidates running for the District seat held by Ben Cline since 2002, and with more than 2,800 votes cast, Campbell had been declared Saturday’s winner by one vote.

Craig Storrs, Central Regional Vice Chairman of the 6th Congressional District, was at the meeting and noted, “The vote to hold a recount failed on a weighted vote with the Chairmen from Rockbridge and Augusta voting against a recount. Amherst and Bath voted for a recount.”

“The decision,” he added, “came after Rockbridge revealed that the ballots had been counted and recounted immediately three times.”

The weighted vote was 65.29 percent against a recount to 34.71 percent for a recount.

Ronnie Campbell will face Democratic nominee Christian Worth of Lexington in the special election to be held on Tuesday, December 18.

Update x1: Statement from Vance Wilkins:

Vance Wilkins, Chairman of the 24th Legislative District Committee, announced tonight that Ronnie Campbell has been determined the winner in the Republican Canvass for nomination for the 24th House of Delegates seat being vacated by Congressman-Elect Ben Cline. The vote totals are: Ronnie Campbell: 1068; Jimmy Ayers: 1067; Catie Austin-Brown: 694; and Jay Lewis: 154.

“We offer our congratulations to the winner, Ronnie Campbell, and ask everyone to go to the polls on December 18 and vote for the Republican nominee.”

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