Vintage George W. Bush Stumps for Gillespie, Entertains Republican Donors

Former President George W. Bush. 
It doesn’t get better in my political playbook than to spend a Monday with the former Commander-in-Chief, the wartime president who led this country through the dark days of 9/11, and who took the barbs and criticism of friend and foe alike with grace and humility. Gracious beyond expectations, he is a stark reminder of men of character and class in leadership. There is a reason I call myself a George W. Bush Republican.

The President was in Richmond Monday as the guest of honor at a lunch for almost 1,000 Republicans who noshed on salad, chicken, and mashed potatoes while listening to the GOP nominees. Stumping for his old friend, the President was there to support the Republican ticket. Here are photos of the day, a bit grainy since I was using my iPhone (wasn’t sure if my better camera would pass through security).

John Adams for Attorney General, Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor, President George W. Bush, Ed Gillespie for Governor, Cathy Gillespie

It was vintage George W. Bush with his soft Texas accent, stories of the years working with Ed Gillespie whom he had nicknamed “Eddie G” (his list of nicknames is legendary), and cracked up the room with humorous anecdotes of family or White House years.

George W. Bush

Ed Gillespie

Jill Vogel

John Adams. A native of Chesterfield County, his comfort on the campaign trail after a year-and-a-half was shown when he shared a humorous story of his years at Midlothian High School playing football. Joking about his famous name, he recalled a game when he received a pass from a fellow player to run down the field, and heard the sportscaster announce, “Thomas Jefferson just passed to John Adams.” Fast forward to three weeks ago when a campaign staffer told him, “I just received the strangest phone call from a guy named Thomas Jefferson who said he played football with you in high school, and he wished you luck in your election.”

Cole Trower. His roots are in Virginia Beach but he graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg so his reach is across the Commonwealth. Currently he is working Delegate Glenn Davis’ reelection campaign.

Kay Coles James. As emcee, she announced to a laughing crowd, “Go ahead and begin your lunch because it should come as a surprise to no one in this crowd that the President is running early.” George W. Bush, a stickler for not keeping people waiting. She is comfortable behind a microphone and in front of 1,000 Republicans so she was right at home making the trains run on time, so to speak. And she’s Bush #41 and 43 alumni.


Marshall Street and the Richmond Convention Center.

My George W. Bush pin from 2000 before he was known to the world. Gathered petitions, worked the primary, attended the 2000 RNC convention in Philly, ran local headquarters, and worked the campaign to get this good man elected president. The rest is history.

Marie Quinn and Chris Saxman

Chris. He was my delegate, the first elected into the newly created 20th House District in 2001.

Delegate Glenn Davis





Delegate Glenn Davis, Judi Lynch, Nancy Dye

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
October 16, 2017

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