George W. Bush, Barack Obama in RVA Next Week For Gillespie, Northam

W is coming to Richmond! Monday’s downtown event sold out immediately and has a waiting list of those wishing to attend.

Former President George W. Bush is the first of two former presidents who will be in Richmond next week campaigning for gubernatorial candidates. Three days after Bush’s appearance, former President Barack Obama will attend a rally on Thursday for Democrat Ralph Northam, and on Saturday current Vice President Mike Pence will be in southwestern Virginia with Gillespie while former Vice President Joe Biden will be in Northern Virginia with Northam.

Both sides are pushing hard with less than four weeks until election day.

Bush helping his friend, solidifies Bush team
It is no surprise that Bush will be the headliner guest at the fundraising lunch for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. The two have worked closely together over the years. When Bush reached out to Gillespie to serve as chairman of the Republican National Committee in 2003, Ed answered the call. When Bush asked him to become White House Counselor to the President in 2007, Ed answered the call.

When Ed ran against Mark Warner for U.S. Senate three years ago, George W was on the final volunteer phone conference call before election day and electrified the troops. Warner, who had been expected to easily walk away with the reelection, received a scare when Gillespie surprisingly came within 0.8 percent of winning.

In March the former President joined an A-list of attendees at a fundraiser in Dallas for Virginia’s gubernatorial hopeful. So in the final weeks before election day, it is not surprising that Bush #43, whose sense of loyalty is well known, will be in town to again help rally the troops and raise money for Gillespie. A reunion of sorts for the George W. Bush team, the event will be filled with familiar faces from 2000 and 2004, and the years in between.

The Host Committee is full of familiar names in Virginia political circles: Former Lieutenant Governor and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager whose son Henry is married to President Bush’s daughter Jenna; Kay James who served in the Bush #41 and #43 administrations and as Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources during Governor George Allen’s administration; former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore; Bobby Ukrop who is President and Chief Executive Officer of Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods; Delegate Jimmie Massie; Tom Farrell, CEO of Dominion Resources; long-time business leaders Christine and David Cottrell; real estate businessman Bill Goodwin.

Rounding out the Host Committee are other prominent members of the business community including Frank Atkinson, Marty Barrington, Tom Cabaniss, Richard Cullen, Marguerite and Norwood Davis, Mike Frazier, Bruce Gottwald, Sr., Floyd Gottwald, Bryan Komblau, Judy and Chuck Lessin, John Luke, Tom  McInerney, Joey Smith, Tracy Walker, John Whitlock, and Howard Willard.

Respected for his leadership during the dark months following the September 11, 2001, terrorism attacks on America, George W. Bush has spent his retirement in the years since leaving the White House working to better lives through his humanitarian work in Africa, and his emphasis on education, global health, human freedom, and support of the military.

He has teamed with the four other living presidents — his dad Bush #41, Clinton, Carter, and Obama — to raise funds for natural disasters such as Haiti relief, and aid for those who suffered losses during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. His philanthropy extends to other groups such as Operation Smile, Kids Wish Network, Airlift Research Foundation, National Park Foundation, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and the United Nations Development Programme, as well as others.

For those fortunate enough to be with the President on Monday, it is going to be a memorable day with an honorable man.

Photo from UVa

  • Jim Portugul

    That is hilarious. The leaders of the past 2 failed administrations are coming to Richmond to “help” their party’s candidate. One loser stumping for another loser. Like Bush 43′ or Obama is going to say something to make your life better if you throw a wad of cash at them for a few laughs.

    Virginia government does little more than proposing about 1-2000 new (mostly unnecessary) laws every year, and increasing the size of the budget every 2 years far more than your paycheck grows. Hence, another bill like Republican bill HB2313 (largest tax increase in Virginia history) is needed about every 10 years to take up the slack. Nothing but a cesspool of corruption.

    And lets not forget about the CEO of Dominion registering as a lobbyist in Virginia in 2015, and then 2 days later, bringing another lobbyist out of retirement, (of Mark Warner campaign manager fame) to meet with McAuliffe to screw Virginians out of 100’s of millions or even billions of dollars in increased electricity costs with SB1349. Democrat McAuliffe buckled, and threw Virginia to the dogs. But, so did Republican Sen. Majority Leader Tommy Norment (of Ashley Madison fame) and Republican Speaker Howell (the kingpin of HB 2313). The question not yet answered? Did money (all legal) go to the Democrats for Hillary’s campaign in exchange for McAullife turning the dogs loose with his pen by signing SB 1349?

    There isn’t 2 cents difference in what either loser will accomplish if elected in Virginia. But, never, ever, never, let either party have the governors mansion, House and Senate at the same time. Don’t lie to yourself by believing their lies.

    So, Northam in November, just to stop the Republicans from another McDonnell like tax increase. If there is really any difference, then tell me why did Republicans John Warner and John Chichester campaign for the Democrats after they retired? And, what about former Republican Gov. Linwood Holton? Oh, and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarbourogh, Nicole Wallace, and others.

    It’s all about the cabbage.

  • Lawrence Wood

    Night of the Living Political Dead. This is so useless for Gillespie’s final vote push it is almost embarrassing to think about. The Bush family and most recently Jeb in particular have been on the wrong side of almost all the galvanizing post 2016 issues for recent Republican primary voters so this is going to help how exactly? Another maladroit campaign move by the Gillespie people if it is looking to leverage Virginia votes rather then exploring some future private sector employment opportunities.

    Here is Gillespie last outside shot at state elected employment. Go TO Corey Steward personally and get down on one knee (preferably both) and request a “personalized appeal” from him to his state base (or a joint press conference) to turn out for Gillispie Nov. 7th in exchange for his announced support for Stewart’s Senate seat run. It’s called politics in case Ed’s confused and I pretty sure he is very confused. One thing this is not about is Trump as this stupid is solely stuck on the bottom of the Gillespie team shoes and of their own doing.

    • MD Russ

      If you think that Gillespie’s campaign is not a referendum on Trump, then you are sadly mistaken. Name just once when Ed has demonstrably and unequivocally criticized Trump. On the contrary, he has embraced Trump’s positions with enthusiasm. And that is why he will lose in November and why the Republicans are going lose their majorities in Congress next year. The voters are sick and tired of Trump Tweets and the refusal of the GOP to rein in the guy who is quickly establishing himself as the Worst President of the US in history.

      • Lawrence Wood

        I do understand Donald Trump it is your monomania. Regarding the 2018 mid-terms and the Congressional Republican majorities it is a plain fact of reality that if you can’t or won’t deliver on ANY of your post election commitments as many re-elected Republicans have been doing for years and years on end it will catch up with you at some point at the cost of your job.. I do agree with you that the voters are sick and tired but not of sideshow tweets but of years of endless Republican failures to deliver on promised policies and their constant satisfaction with abject post election do nothingism. I believe you see the symptoms but just can’t shove Trump aside for one critical moment to correctly diagnose the disease.

    • ameri…canwork

      Niether will do anything about the employment of illegal aliens as unlicensed contractors or employee misclassification with illegal aliens in Va.
      Welcome to Santurary Virginia.

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