Brett Kimberlin Smited by Maryland Court

brett kimberlin

You will recall Brett Kimberlin as the Soros/Streisand/Heinz-Kerry supported felon who wages war on conservative/libertarian bloggers by filing meritless lawsuits by the dozen in an attempt to shut up those who say things with which he disagrees.

You may recall my BD articles on this in 2012 here, following up here and here.  Bearing Drift observed National Blogger Day of Silence on June 8, 2012, in part to call attention to Kimberlin, and the curious coincidence that many of his critics became victims of SWATing at their homes – where attacks used spoofing technology to clone a blogger’s phone number, then call police and admit to a violent crime or hostage situation, bringing a heavily armed police presence to their home under false pretenses.

The wheels of justice in this case have been turning slowly, but turn they have.  Last week saw a significant ruling that may well be the first death throe for Mr. Kimberlin’s lawfare epidemic.  I’ll leave it to the excellent Ken White, former federal prosecutor and blogger at the Popehat blog to sum up the recent goings on:

Today Kimberlin lost his state case at trial. He didn’t just lose — he lost conclusively. After the close of Kimberlin’s day of “evidence,” the judge granted a motion for a directed verdict against him. Under Maryland law,that means the judge necessary found “a total failure of legally sufficient evidence to prove” Kimberlin’s remaining defamation claim. The judge didn’t just find Kimberlin’s evidence unpersuasive; he effectively found it irrelevant.

This result bodes well for Kimberlin’s remaining ludicrous and vexatious claims in federal court against a wide variety of people and institutions. The federal court will see the result and, no doubt, view Kimberlin with even more skepticism. The state ruling may have legal effect in the federal case — let’s let Brett Kimberlin discover why and how. And, most importantly, the trial shows that for all his braggadocio about having filed a hundred suits, Brett Kimberlin is too nutty and disorganized to do even a half-assed job in court. If only one could litigate by drug dealing, perjuring, and blowing the leg off innocent bystanders, he would have been an elite courtroom attorney.

Jefferson said “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”   Yes.  And, the sacrifice of those who take up the charge against its enemies.  The heroes in this case are Kimberlin’s targets –  William Hoge, Aaron Walker, Robert Stacy McCain, and Ali Akbar, who stood up to the terrorist thug, and their lawyer Patrick Ostronics, who donated at least part of his fees.  They have advanced all our freedom with their willingness to go through the hell that is litigation for these past years.  Thank you, gentlemen.

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