Bolling Tips His Hand As An “Independent Republican”

This could be all kabuki theater at this rate, but Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling is taking full advantage of the conservative angst over the McDonnell-Howell transportation tax hike:

In the next two weeks I have to make a very difficult decision.  I have to decide whether or not to seek the office of Governor as an Independent Republican.  Because you are a friend and trusted ally, I am writing to ask for your advice as I make this difficult decision.

When I suspended my campaign for the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor I indicated that I wanted to be a more independent voice for Virginia, speaking out more objectively on the important issues facing our state.  Over the past several months, I have done just that.  I have sought to call us to a higher purpose, focusing more on policy and less on politics; and more on the next generation than the next election.

I encourage you to write your own letter to Bolling — and be as forthright as you can.

…of course, we’re only mining for e-mails at this rate.  But one would like to think that Bolling is honestly asking for the opinions of Virginians.

I certainly gave mine.

  • You know who else calls themselves an ‘independent Republican’?

    Tareq Salahi.

    Great company to be in Bill.

    • NormLeahy

      And Russ Potts. How soon we forget…

    • George from Cleveland

      So did the entire state party in MN during the 70s-80s, FWIW

  • Ron Frazier

    Shaun, I replied to his email, and basically told him this, I don’t think he will listen nor reply. He has made up his mind. He feels like it’s his ball and he’ll take it home. I don’t care how much they contribute to his campaign, I do not think money will make up for losing the volunteer campaign workers you get with the party’s nomination. I told him he was out of touch. Independents may swing an election but there is no way a state that appears to have reelected Obama just a few months ago will support an independent to the point of election over the major parties candidates. Bill ain’t Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

  • Brown Burton

    Interesting that the drop down address block for respondents to Bill includes all 50 states. Looks like Bill is more interested in out of state money than Virginians’ opinion.

  • pinecone321

    Bolling, calling himself an Independent Republican is interesting, as he Republican part hasn’t been on display with his support for McDonnell’s transportation plan. For those that have not followed Booling’s political career, I think two things will come to mind with the voters.

    Bolling was Romney’s primary campaign manager when so many voters felt disenfranchised with having only Romney and Paul as primary choices. Whether Bolling had anything to do with that or not, perception and optics place the powerful Lt. Gov. heading Romney’s primary campaign, and having Romney as one of only two choices doesn’t sit well with many. As I said perception is everything. Pictures of Bolling hand walking Romney’s signed petitions to the election officials office was unhelpful, and only added to the speculation and angst.

    Bolling wasn’t quite as vocal or camera ready with his support for McDonnell’s transportation plan (strategically), but he did in fact come out in support of the largest tax increase in VA., and his position reflected what the Democrat McAuliffe also supported. What Democrat would ever argue against a former Republican Gov. working the phones and the street to pass, and then sign into law, a large tax increase. McAuliffe is no doubt looking at this as being able to blame the Republicans for the large tax increase, and inflicting financial pain on the VA. citizens, off his back when he hopefully becomes Gov. Democrats are customarily the tax increasers, not the Republicans. With Bolling supporting McDonnell’s agenda with this plan, and calling himself an Independent Republican, he has put himself in more of a position to challenge the Democrat’s voters, rather than the Republican Cuccinelli voters who know that Cooch is against the plan as passed and had no way of stopping it. So Bolling is trying to have it both ways. He is with the Dems. on the tax increase, but wants to rely on his past reputation as a strong Republican/conservative for his past positions and votes. Sure, Bolling has his little cheerleading team running out of the woodwork to support him, no matter what he does, but eventually he will have to realize that burning the candle at both ends at some point it meets in the middle and goes out.

    Even if Bolling runs as an Independent Republican, he will be required to answer some hard questions as to his policy positions. He will have a very hard time trying to please both sides, and will wind up looking like a boring fence sitter who lacks leadership, principles, and any aligence or loyalty to much of anything.

    Bill, my advice to you would be, send your resume to the Washington Post. I’m certain that they would love to have a former Republican Lt. Gov. writing a series on how my party left me, I didn’t leave my party.

  • Bolling is unqualified for the office of governor due to the fact he is a coward to his convictions. He quit running before the convention im May. Not willing to fight? Not qualified to serve.

  • Rick Boyer

    How about being honest and calling himself an Independent Democrat? Since this is all about getting revenge on Cuccinelli and electing McAwful. What a Halloween character this man has become…

  • I actually sent Lt. Gov. Bolling a note the other day asking him if he’d be interested in chatting, to which he has not responded – and I wasn’t even angling for an entire discussion on the confrontational politics of the past year.

    Oh well…

  • Anyone who feels compelled to run for office should. This is the American way…. it should not be the Republican or Democratic way. Fortune favors the bold…..Let the people choose so we can be better served.

  • Bill Crist.

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