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Bolling Tips His Hand As An “Independent Republican”


This could be all kabuki theater at this rate, but Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling is taking full advantage of the conservative angst over the McDonnell-Howell transportation tax hike:

In the next two weeks I have to make a very difficult decision.  I have to decide whether or not to seek the office of Governor as an Independent Republican.  Because you are a friend and trusted ally, I am writing to ask for your advice [2] as I make this difficult decision.

When I suspended my campaign for the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor I indicated that I wanted to be a more independent voice for Virginia, speaking out more objectively on the important issues facing our state.  Over the past several months, I have done just that.  I have sought to call us to a higher purpose, focusing more on policy and less on politics; and more on the next generation than the next election.

I encourage you to write your own letter to Bolling — and be as forthright as you can.

…of course, we’re only mining for e-mails at this rate.  But one would like to think that Bolling is honestly asking for the opinions of Virginians.

I certainly gave mine.