Time to Focus on Left-Wing HATE

“If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.” — Barack Obama

“We’re going to punish our enemies, and reward our friends.” — Barack Obama

Enough is enough.  I’m a little sick and tired of hearing it form holier-than-thou liberals and progressives about “threatening speech” — that somehow this is the garden variety conservative’s way of venting against peace-loving liberals when they are “targeted” by mean ol’ Sarah Palin… like this:

What’s that?  This is a graphic targeting REPUBLICANS?!!  OMG!

What is about to follow here is a litany of pictures you need to see.  Because the next time someone talks about “threatening speech” and how conservatives hold a monopoly, or the vast majority, or a plurality on this topic… well, judge for yourself.  And be sure to remind the left that this language has been in their vocabulary for a long, long time…

Your photo gallery of hate ensues below.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a laundry list of leftist hate speech as well.  You didn’t blame your liberal friends for this?  Well shame on you… after all, don’t you know that we should never, never waste a crisis?

UPDATE x2:  Just remember, when you see something you don’t like… don’t rationally discuss it:

UPDATE x3:  Oh yes… and let’s not forget this gem:

The life-size doll with a white noose around its neck is outfitted to look like Palin — with a beehive wig, glasses and a red business suit.

It hangs in front of the North Orange Grove Avenue house of the display’s creator, Chad Michael Morrisette, who also put up a depiction of Republican presidential candidate John McCain engulfed in flames.

Nice touch.

UPDATE x4:  RedState chimes in with a list of its own.

After the horrendous acts of an insane lone gunman on Saturday, Twitter was abuzz with people on the left and right offering condolences to the families of the victims.  As is often the phrase when there is a political person involved in something like this, many were saying it was time to “put the politics aside.”

Apparently the left did not get this memo.

Warning: After the jump includes language some might find objectionable.

…and it is pretty objectionable stuff.  Don’t click on it unless you’re ready for the f-bombs and an overdose of hypocrisy.

UPDATE x5:  Lest we forget which party began the modern era of negative political advertising, it was Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Democratic Party that used this against Barry Goldwater in 1964:

Pretty damned hardcore, eh?  Threatening speech, anyone?  Hard to be more threatening than a nuclear weapon…

UPDATE x6:  Appears as if The Richmonder is just reveling in hate speech, especially when conservatives refused to be branded as violent:

I guess we’ll have to wait for more victims of violent political rhetoric. [sigh]

Nice, J.C. — way to stay relevant, buddy.

  • “If the bring a knife, we will brign a gun” Barry Obama 2008


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  • JKM

    ** Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”

    ** Obama to His Followers: “Get in Their Faces!”

    ** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

    ** Obama to His Mercenary Army: “Hit Back Twice As Hard”

    ** Obama on the private sector: “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“

    ** Obama to voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”

    ** Obama to lib supporters: “It’s time to Fight for it.”

    ** Obama to Latino supporters: “Punish your enemies.”

    ** Obama to democrats: “I’m itching for a fight.”

  • Shane M.

    But shouldn’t the larger point be both sides do it and it’s equally dumb when they do? Call me an idealogue but I happen to think we’re all better than what some of our actions have shown us to be.

  • Oh, yes. Time for conservatives to be magnanimous on all this, right, Shane?

    Bull Shit.

    This crap from the left is going to be stopped. We’re not rolling over anymore.

  • Shane M.

    So all the times the conservative lexicon has decried Obama for “destroying the country” was conservatism “rolling over”? Of course not.

    How does one bad and dumb move make another one acceptable?

    There is a sad and pathetic ill logic that has been allowed to permeate the national debate on virtually every issue put before the populous. Both the left and the right share blame in allowing this bullshit to continue and flourish. Who would have thought that simply asking people to be respectful of one another even if you don’t agree with them philosophically would be such an extremist view to take?

    If Jim, you mean to tell me the best response conservatives can muster is, “Well Timmy did it too” then we’re all effed.

  • You know, I’ve spent the better part of my time over the weekend pushing the “it’s a problem on both sides” line (because it really *is* a problem on both sides).

    Unfortunately, this has only encouraged others to double down and push further. All Tea Partiers, conservatives, Republicans, and anyone on the political right have violence wedded to their damn DNA. Every instance of targeting or highlighting or “battleground states” are being blamed on right wing hate speech.

    …all in an effort to obscure the left’s damnable efforts to excuse its own.

    So no more.

    The crap from the left will be stopped. The long history of left wing politics is nothing but one episode of violence after another. When introspection becomes more important than scoring political points… I’ll believe the point to have been made.

    Until then, the rhetoric will be turned against you. Where was the left condemning this sort of hate speech? Since when do the talking heads of the left condemn the violence of their own party?

    Or is dissent still the highest form of patriotism?

  • No, two wrongs don’t make a right, Shane. But it’s certainly convenient that now, when the shoe is on the other foot, that somehow liberals are “above the fray.”

    I am not going to just sit and take this.

    Unsurprisingly, like Shaun, I spent the weekend thinking about this; thinking about my family; thinking about our country. And when I saw the leftist propaganda tactics come spewing forth, I resolved that I love my country too much to take it lying down.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Target has bull’s eye free shipping this week.


    With their logo I wonder if the Democrats will blame Target too?

  • Kathy: Target’s very name implies violence, therefore I propose we boycott of Target until it adopts a name that doesn’t contribute to the culture of violence in this country.

    Seriously though, anyone who suggests that anti-government paranoia is the exclusive domain of the (far) right obviously have never encountered the far left and Neo-Marxists. Michel Foucault and his ilk wrote extensively on “the penopticon” and other methods the government (a tool of “The Man”) uses to dehumanize and control the masses. Come to think of it, that sounds closer to the gunman’s views than the limited-government ideology of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

  • Shane M.

    Well this is interesting. So there’s a similar debate waging over on a local Democrat’s Facebook page where I posted a similar response, effectively, “let’s let cooler heads prevail. Both sides have done wrong”.

    The response from the liberals on there was to call me an idiot. My first reaction was, “Wow, so liberals and Kirwin can agree on something” My second was that I must be on to something. If the political die-hards on both sides are thinking the middle ground is full of it there’s a problem.

    Jim, I think if you do more searching like you were talking about you’re going to realize there’s no prize to be won. This isn’t the soul of the country you’re battling for… this is one side trying to say “I’m right” louder than the other. There’s no winner in this fight. I don’t for a moment think you should “sit there and take it” I do think however you should counter stupid with logic. Logic is like Colt 45… it works every time.

    Shaun, I would humbly request you to rethink your position. You said it yourself, the problem DOES exist on both sides… both sides are guilty, both sides have been wrong. There’s a very effed up perpetual machine of stupid that’s churning in this country and I’m concerned it got thrown into overdrive over the weekend. Someone’s got to be there to turn it off and I can’t man the switch all the time… I’m union. (that’s a joke for those who aren’t clear)

  • John Jackson

    Does this mean that the Democrats’ get rid of that damn logo? Hopefully, they don’t wear it on one of their t-shirts.

  • Yes, People are angry and they do express themselves to the extreme at times. Sometime they act out in anger. Sometimes that anger goes as far as killing, but lets think where the anger comes from and where the strong inclination to kill comes from.

    Not everyone falls for the ‘self defence’ argument for the various invasions that the US & UK have made on other Nations, on false pretences (or under a false flag).

    The US are not the worlds ‘peace keepers’, any more than the UK is. The pretences are so obviously false that only those who are completely deluded would believe there were not selfish intentions.

    The facts are, the US and the UK have been interfering unfairly in world economies and other nations interests, for their own commercial benefit for the last few centuries (UK longer). Incapable of competitive, honest trade they have to cheat.

    First by nearly exterminating the local residents of America and then by manipulative murderous involvement in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, most of the rest of the Middle East, Most of South America, most of the far East and anywhere else they can get an aircraft carrier, or patrol boat.

    More recently, not satisfied with the selfish benefits of clandestine criminal actions; buying off regimes; supplying arms to all sides wherever possible; lying to their public; compromising the constitution; fiddling the election colleges; breaking international laws the US helped establish; and undermine the influence of the United Nations that they helped establish; the US and the Special Relationship Partner (the quaint little old UK) have contrived together and taken to the blatant murderous invasion of other Nations, because they don’t like how they think or believe.

    Now, just taking the Korean, Vietnam & allied wars, the Contra Incidents, The Chinese Opium Wars, the Iraq invasion, the Afghanistan clandestine (drug) actions and invasion, just how many lives do you thing the US and UK have ended and otherwise destroyed over the last 100 years or so. And it is accelerating! I will leave it to you to do the sums; including the large numbers of US military personnel, killed & injured and their families traumatised, under clearly evidenced false pretences.

    By the US own statistics, the military expenditure of the US is equal to all other developed Nations of Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China and the Far East put together. These various weapons include every kind of lethal and disabling, weapon of mass destruction possible. This including stocks of confiscated chemical and biological weapons (from the earlier Iraq engagement), spent uranium shells and bombs and new biological, chemical (phosphorous +) and technological weapons now being developed. All these we are supposed to believe are for ‘protection’.

    Then we can come back to within US boarders and US bases. CIA clandestine operations include evidenced, acknowledged, disclosed and projected murder; novel and classic torture; intrusions into and compromise of ordinary people’s privacy, freedom of assembly, peaceful protest, free & fair democratic elections, transparent government, equality of opportunity (to stand for government) and independence of the Judiciary.
    Next we can consider the compromise of the US aspiration for a ‘free market’ so that it becomes a criminal free-for-all; the control of the money supply, by what are effectively Private Bankers (Federal Reserve); the national bailout of dishonest bankers; strange deaths of any Politician who forcibly stand against & embarrass ‘the establishment’ – we could go on and on, but we all know the rest of the score.

    Given all this and the US wish to be seen as the Father of the Modern Civilised life and the Police of Injustice and terrorism throughout the world, what example is this Father setting for all these other, supposedly inferior Nations? We, I will leave that for you to consider, but first let me ask you to consider what we would say to any bad parents.

    My only remaining questions are: Have these actions of the US and UK made the world a safer place? Have they made the US and the UK safer places? Has there been a resulting decrease or an increase in violence and deaths in the US, or the world? Have the examples we have set benefitted world peace and greater cooperation? Has crime and disorder in the US improved? Has poverty reduced? Are people healthier and feeling more secure? Is the economy any more stable? Is World Trade healthier?

    If most of the answers to these questions is yes, then perhaps the left and the liberals need to back off. If a sizable proportion can be answered with yes (as this effects the majority of people) the perhaps the left and the liberals should pipe down. If only a small proportion of the answers are yes then the left, the liberals and a sizable proportion or Republicans should be very bothered. If very few can be answered with a yes, every person, of any political persuasion, anywhere in the world should be hopping mad and ready break of diplomatic relations with the US and UK.

    Too many people and too many environments, have suffered the consequences of these selfish and dishonest actions to forgive the US (and the UK) for the disastrous consequences for US citizens and ordinary people everywhere in the world. The price in terms of lives, disablement, poverty, loss of faith and distress everywhere, is an unacceptable price to pay for the blatant incompetence of a single Nation that sees itself above all others, acting in the name of ‘its’ God, to the detriment of all.

    “God save America”, because it bloody needs saving now.

  • We need police protection at Target. Because after all, Target is just inciting people to violence with their over-the-top name. 🙂

  • Shane —

    Experience a very similar reaction the other day on FaceBook. Needless to say, the liberal and progressive attack machine seems to be pressing their “advantage” even further.

    The backlash from conservatives is interesting enough though. I’m mildly surprised to see folks stand up and say (a) the liberal caricature is not them and (b) they’re tired of being told otherwise.

    For three days the liberals have been fed a steady stream of “this is not political — let cooler heads prevail.” I think the message today is that we’re tired of being beaten with the olive branch.

  • DCH

    I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with violent rhetoric in politics.

    I don’t think it’s wrong for Obama and I don’t think it’s wrong for the right.

    If I’m in a phone bank room doing voter ID and someone says they are “taking names tonight,” so the campaign can “target voters,” nobody is going to think that individual voters are going on a hit list and be targeted for some sort of actual violence. We know that those people are going to get mail from the candidate and they might be part of a “knock and drag” effort, which for the non-activists means knocking on the door and reminding the voter to go to the polls (providing them a ride if they can’t get there on their own).

    This rhetoric is normal. It is fitting.

    In America, politics is the substitute for bloodshed as our way of expressing the popular will. We don’t have violent uprisings, we have elections. And we put energy, emotion, even aggression into our politics – “heads may roll” on election day – but no guillotine is involved!

    If you want us political folk to tone it down, I suggest you lead by example next Superbowl Sunday. Don’t you dare ever talk about how your team “slaughtered” the other one… That’s just too violent… someone might think you want to kill a star player or something…

    Violent metaphors are different from threats. No one has any business making criminal threats in this country. We settle our differences at the ballot box. We all know the difference between making someone “feel the heat” politically and torching their house.

  • Shane M.

    Shaun, I can understand the frustration of feeling like you’re saying the right thing and being logical only to have the other side not acknowledge the truth. I kind of feel like I’m running into that on both sides of the political spectrum today.

    But I cannot see the logic in giving in to the other way, nothing good comes from that path.

    And DCH, I’m all for lively, contentious debate directed towards other ideas, not individuals. However, if the only returning volleys one can offer are violently worded attacks… #1 they should lay off the coffee #2 They really should try and be a little more creative. There’s a difference between hyperbole and violent rhetoric. Leave the violence for the octagon.. it’s more entertaining there.

  • Shane, doesn’t violence in the octagon encourage violence? Little boys learning how to “choke people out”? Run little sister, run! Don’t those shows tell everyone that violence is ok?

    Funny how people think some forms of metaphorically violent rhetoric is the cause of our evils, but they have their own favored forms they claim to be harmless. Like actual violence on actual people that is accepted and rewarded?

    You see, the arguement is not “your side does it too”. The argument from conservatives is that you’re painting with a broad and hypocritical brush.

    Btw, I was just taking a “jab” at the rhetoric coming from the Left. While I would prefer a more adult conversation, I don’t mind violent metaphors. I don’t believe in bullshit political correctness, selective censorship, or idiotic hypocrisey. For the record, I am a huge MMA fan. I frequently watch the fights. I’m just making a point using “facetious rhetoric”.

  • Shane, Kristallnacht was a far left act of violence. Good luck convincing anyone from the left of this.

  • Good luck convincing anyone that the National Socialists were first and foremost socialists… not sure how the right gets tagged with totalitarianism as an extreme end of their political philosophy (in fact, for conservatives it would be the anarchist state or some other anarcho-capitalist nightmare).

  • Reid greenmun

    Terry, the world is better BECAUSE of the United States. Your global view seems to discount all the benefits that our nation have brought to a world that has a history of oppression and tyranny.

  • JustAnne

    This whole thing is not about who we are and how we should react. This is about the TRUTH.
    When I heard what happened I wanted to know the TRUTH. I heard INTERPRETATIONS of what happened. Those on the left were painting their version of TRUTH which was not so. THIS produced a counter reaction. NOT because we are violent, but because we want to know the real deal.
    May we ever react violently to distortions until the truth comes out. So thank you for this report…of some TRUTH that occurred.

  • Steve Vaughan

    Geez, somehow we’ve gone from a tragic incident where six people were killed by a nut to how the poor conservatives are persecuted?

    This isn’t any less reprehensible than people on the left trying to score political points off this.

  • Just trying to make sure the lefties live up to their own standard, Steve. Isn’t that part of the rulebook?

  • Steve Vaughan

    Shaun: I don’t think it’s a situation that calls for political tit-for-tat.
    As I’ve said on Democratic-leaning blogs, it’s quite possibly for someone who disagrees with you politically to just be wrong — they don’t have to be evil.

  • The Republicans are already starting to roll over. They don’t have the testicular fortitude to stand up against the rhetoric coming from the left.


  • MB

    In other words, you got nothing. Not even decency or honesty.

  • Excuse me, MB, but what are you referring to?

    Whose decency? Whose honesty?

    If you are referring to Bearing Drift – me and my contributors – I’d like specifics.

    If you are referring to the GOP in congress for not following through on their promise to repeal healthcare, that’s hardly indecent. Perhaps dishonest. But they’ll pay for it, if they cave.

    The jury is still out.

  • MB

    Well, J.R., we can start with Shaun. His post – and follow ups – demonstrate a degree of mendacity that surprises me even coming from him (cf. Kirwin, whom I was never under any other impression about). Bullseyes on states and a reworking of the knife-to-a-gun-fight trope as equivalent to actual calls for and threats of violence? Please. That’s bullshit, and even you know it. If you want to get all het up about how the poor Republicans are getting attacked, have at it – constructing fake victimhood seems to part and parcel of the Republican mode of discussion, and if reality can’t overcome that, I’m certainly not going to try. But the willingness to pull together a bunch of pictures of idiot children at World Bank protests and use that as some I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I defense instead of facing the fact that his own party uses and nutures the rhetoric of violence at its highest levels? That’s demonstrates a lack of decency and honesty. And if you don’t like hearing it? Then don’t do it. Look back on this post in 6 months and you’ll be embarrassed.

  • Jay D

    S-T-O-P the bickering and do something constructive!! Tuscon is uniting against WBC. How can we help?

    “Arizonans Rally to Prevent Westboro Church Disruption of Shooting Victims’ Funerals”

  • HisRoc

    WBC is really taking a risk, considering that Arizona has such lax concealed carry laws and considering the raw emotions in Tucson right now. I doubt if Uncle Fester was the only whack job walking around there with a chip on his shoulder and a Glock 17 in his belt. It would be terrible if something bad happened to Fred Phelps and his band of in-bred congregants.

  • Kathy Mateer
  • HisRoc

    “By their fruits you shall know them.” And there are a lot of fruitcakes on the left, starting with Howard Dean.

  • Steve Vaughan

    H.R.- While Fred Phelps is as in need of a punch in the nose as anybody in American history has ever been, I hope nobody shoot him.

  • HisRoc


    I wouldn’t wish that on anyone; I’m a rule-of-law kind of guy. I was just making the observation that Fred and his gang are likely to get more publicity then they bargained for. Let’s just hope that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department does a better job with security at the funerals than they did with Fester.

  • Jay D

    This is the America I know & love:

    (Nov 8, 2010)Weston, MO lines the Streets to Honor Sgt. C.J. SadellSgt. First Class C.J. Sadell, was injured last month in a surprise attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan. While his comrades were killed instantly, Sgt. Sadell was transported to a hospital, where he died approximately 2 weeks later. His home town, Weston, MO, came together to support him and his family when they found out that the Westboro Baptist Church, from Topeka, KS, had acquired permits to protest at the soldier’s funeral. The small town of only 2,000 showed its spunk and moxy when over half of them, by one on-looker’s account, showed up and lined the streets where the funeral procession was scheduled to take place. The good folks of Weston also made a point to occupy the particular corner where Westboro Baptist Church had planned to stage their protest, making it impossible for them to be seen or heard. Right on. In additions, supporters from as far away as California and Australia also came to honor the soldier and to also stand against the twisted cruelty of Westboro Baptist Church. … [This event] went a long way preserve the dignity and honor of the young man’s life, who died, ironically enough, protecting the right of Westboro Baptist Church to protest. Go figure.

    No need to shoot; just be there & stand up when WBC shows up in your town.

  • Steve Vaughan

    “Just trying to make sure the lefties live up to their own standard, Steve. Isn’t that part of the rulebook?” -Sean.

    Sorry, I doubted you. Based on the NLS post that says Republicans are TRYING to get Dems shot, go ahead and say whatever you want.

    A pox on both your houses.

  • Obama’s statements are no worse or better than Palin’s target.. both are upping the ante for their game. Nonetheless, I see all of them as coloquialism, not calls to violence. However, when you people on the left or right see a call for violence in one while ignoring the others, the outrage is clearly politically motivated and not genuine. We all have the ability to see context in speech, we all have the ability to know that Obama did NOT mean that he will have a gun (he has the best protection but that is beside the point), we know that if we hear congress is “targeting the deficit” that it is not expected that any shooting will occur, we know that when someone claims that we should “take the government back”, it is not a call for overthrow… so why try to blame those who have nothing to do with the event?

    Neither side is responsible for the actions of a mad man and those who try to make this a blame game are all equally pathetic. Look at the news, look at even the Sheriff involved in this shooting, he is lamenting people who do exactly what he is doing!

  • @ Shaun- Thanks for the article. The shootings that resulted in the death of a child, a federal judge and 4 others was not political. The assassin was also angry about bad grammar. (Not sure which political side is the “no more bad grammar” side). He was mentally ill.

    The opportunistic Left wing doesn’t care about his mental state, nor the sensitivity toward the victims and victims’ families. Left-wing politics is a heartless ideology that cares only about power not people. People are only a propaganda tool in the Left wing tool box. “Helping people” for a leftist will always result in more government control over your life. Laura Ingraham calls this tactic – pardon the violent metaphor- “the human shield”.

    Keep the feet of the left to the fire. Ooops. Is that hate speech too?

    “Political Correctness is fascism for the mind. ” – David Kahane in this book- http://astore.amazon.com/womanwizhealt-20/detail/0345521862

  • The liberal argument thus far can be summarized:

    Conservatives are hateful.
    They should admit to being hateful.
    If they don’t admit to being hateful, then they are inviting more hate.

    Is that about right?

    Of course, you’ve got folks on both sides condemning the nonsense. The shocking thing that I’ve discovered is that there are a good number of liberals who *actually believe* their rhetoric about Tea Party folks being racists, or every conservative carries a gun, or Christians are excitedly judgmental.

    There’s a lot of prejudice and bigotry from some very small minds on the left… and it’s nice to see them expose themselves for who they are (and to see some of the highlights as well).

  • Jay D

    One of THE most creative tactics opposing hate groups I’ve seen. (Notice the rodents scurry off afterward.) Frat boys rule!

  • @ Jay D – lol! Nice!

    Shaun – absolutely right. Also right about the perception of the Tea Party as being racist even though certainly untrue. The fact is demonization works. That is why SOME Democrats at the top orchestrate it. This really isn’t something originating from rank & file. The vast majority of Democrats are good people.

    This is why I think Republicans are pretty much forced to respond to the current accusations. Identify and define yourselves or your opponent willl do it for you. If you don’t, you can be like Gilmore and be blamed for an economic nightmare that was caused by 9-11 & a world wide recession. Identify yourself positively and defend your reputation or you will be labeled as racists like the Tea Party.
    Every Tea Party event I have been to has had African American speakers and attendees. Last I saw Coby Dillard, co-founder of the HR Tea Party, he was black.
    And yet…………some people either ignorant of the facts or with malicious intent libel and slander the good name of fine people.

    The local Tea Party has done a great job at their rallies. They stress that the issues should be addressed and discourage personal attacks. They are very aware of the threat of being falsely labeled. I am posititve that false identification has reduced the number of minorities in the Tea Party, but if you attended the local rallies you would have seen that the smear tactics haven’t scared all minorities away from joining in.

    Hate? No. Is there anger? Of course. A lot of people are convinced that our government has taken us down the wrong path. Starting with the Bush and continued by Obama.

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