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Time to Focus on Left-Wing HATE


“If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun.” — Barack Obama [2]

“We’re going to punish our enemies, and reward our friends.” — Barack Obama [3]

Enough is enough.  I’m a little sick and tired of hearing it form holier-than-thou liberals and progressives about “threatening speech” — that somehow this is the garden variety conservative’s way of venting against peace-loving liberals when they are “targeted” by mean ol’ Sarah Palin… like this:


What’s that?  This is a graphic targeting REPUBLICANS?!!  OMG!

What is about to follow here is a litany of pictures you need to see.  Because the next time someone talks about “threatening speech” and how conservatives hold a monopoly, or the vast majority, or a plurality on this topic… well, judge for yourself.  And be sure to remind the left that this language has been in their vocabulary for a long, long time…


Your photo gallery of hate ensues below.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a laundry list of leftist hate speech [45] as well.  You didn’t blame your liberal friends for this?  Well shame on you… after all, don’t you know that we should never, never waste a crisis?

UPDATE x2:  Just remember, when you see something you don’t like… don’t rationally discuss it:


UPDATE x3:  Oh yes… and let’s not forget this gem [47]:

The life-size doll with a white noose around its neck is outfitted to look like Palin — with a beehive wig, glasses and a red business suit.

It hangs in front of the North Orange Grove Avenue house of the display’s creator, Chad Michael Morrisette, who also put up a depiction of Republican presidential candidate John McCain engulfed in flames.

Nice touch.

UPDATE x4:  RedState chimes in with a list of its own [48].

After the horrendous acts [49] of an insane lone gunman on Saturday, Twitter was abuzz with people on the left and right offering condolences to the families of the victims.  As is often the phrase when there is a political person involved in something like this, many were saying it was time to “put the politics aside.”

Apparently the left did not get this memo.

Warning: After the jump includes language some might find objectionable.

…and it is pretty objectionable stuff.  Don’t click on it unless you’re ready for the f-bombs and an overdose of hypocrisy.

UPDATE x5:  Lest we forget which party began the modern era of negative political advertising, it was Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Democratic Party that used this against Barry Goldwater in 1964:

Pretty damned hardcore, eh?  Threatening speech, anyone?  Hard to be more threatening than a nuclear weapon…

UPDATE x6:  Appears as if The Richmonder is just reveling in hate speech [50], especially when conservatives refused to be branded as violent:

I guess we’ll have to wait for more victims of violent political rhetoric. [sigh]

Nice, J.C. — way to stay relevant, buddy.