Shannon signals Cuccinelli as AG opponent

In Del. Steve Shannon’s latest missive he singles-out State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli – a clear indicator that he sees Cuccinelli as his most-likely rival in this fall’s AG showdown.

“Last week, Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli, and the majority of Virginia’s House of Delegates put partisanship ahead of what’s right, and rejected $125,000,000 in federal money meant to make sure that all Virginians who needed it could receive unemployment insurance,” wrote Shannon.

Compare to the same message from Virginia Democrats:

“Petition calling on Bob McDonnell and the Republicans in the House of Delegates…Bob McDonnell and the Republicans in the House of Delegates…those who have been left behind by McDonnell and the House Republicans.”

I wonder if Lt. Gov. Bolling feels left off the ticket? Maybe he was mentioned by Jody Wagner? Nope:

Republicans in the House of Delegates followed the lead of their Gubernatorial nominee, Bob McDonnell, and rejected those funds.

All in all, the evidence points to Democrats making a concerted effort to pin this on McDonnell and House Republicans. Only the Democratic candidate for AG, Shannon, found it helpful to mention Cuccinelli…that has to mean something.

Could this be the endorsement Cuccinelli has been waiting for?

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  • Please, Shannon is hoping for Cuccinelli as his opponent. And Cuccinelli is the only one to cast a vote in the legislature. You and Shaun are trying to use this to pump up Cuccinelli with no real basis.

  • LI – You’re right. Cuccinelli was the only one of the Republican AG candidates to vote on this in the legislature and to have a long list of stands on issues that clearly define his record as a Conservative and one who can win in Northern Virginia. This just proves that Cuccinelli has a proven record that clearly makes him the best man to be AG. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Ugh – the same old Cuccinelli can win in NoVA argument. Candidates like Cuccinelli and frederick can win in small NoVA districts where they can really work it personally. To think that either of them could win across NoVA is a stretch too far. And it is exactly Cuccinelli’s record that will sink him in the general.

  • DCH

    LI, exactly which parts of Cuccinelli’s record will sink him in the General? Since you have such insight into NoVA politics, would you explain to us how your candidate, who, on the issues, is substantially differentiated from Cuccinelli only on the matter of expanding the death penalty, will have such an upper hand against Shannon? Last I checked, Kilgore’s position on the death penalty didn’t help him much in NoVA…

  • Cuccinelli support in Hampton Roads is picking up steam. I crossed the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel to get to one in Newport News. I didn’t get to the one closer one in Chesapeake featuring Mike Huckabee.

    Cuccinelli has an excellent record. He often takes the lead and sponsors positive legislation. He’s conservative that we can be proud of.

  • DCH, Brownlee’s stance on the death penalty is the same as Shannon’s, and the same as Foster’s, McDonnell’s and Bolling’s. And although there may be some differences, his stance on the triggerman rule is the same as McAuliffe’s, Deeds’, and Moran’s. Cuccinelli is the odd one out. So you’re telling me Cuccinelli is going to win because all those anti-death penalty folks are going to vote for him over Shannon?

  • How about continual NRA and VCDL endorsements for Cucinelli?

    SB 781 Sponsored by Cuccinelli that help us get Eminent Domain reform?

    Fighting in a losing cause to stop the massive tax increases forced on us by Warner 2004 & Kaine 2006?

    His position and legislation regarding illegal immigration should still be appreciated.

    He takes a leadership role rather than sit on the side lines and cut deals compromising his values.

  • LI – You’re implying that the death penalty will make or break this election when Brownlee has no record on any other issues that matter just as much if not more. Cuccinelli does. Brownlee can say he’s a strong Conservative and harp on the death penalty, but Cuccinelli has PROVEN he’s a strong Conservative.

    Tho, we did see how the death penalty vote really changed things for Kilgore.

  • I am absolutely not implying that the death penalty will make or break this election. What I have said is that the triggerman issue will drive all law enforcement endorsements to Shannon over Cuccinelli. That absolutely WILL have a significant effect.

    Brownlee, Foster, and Shannon basically all have the same stance on the death penalty. Are you saying that Cuccinelli will run to the LEFT of Shannon on the death penalty and that will be the difference?

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