DailyKos and RedState, hand in hand

A wide ranging collection of individuals has put together a petition to Senators McCain and Obama requesting a change to the format of the final debate. The group is calling itself the Open Debate Coalition. Their requests including allowing for more moderator discretion in followups and full footage release. Also, interestingly enough, is a request to come up with a better alternative to the current Commission on Presidential Debates to handle future debates. The membership is pretty diverse, as a couple of the individuals below demonstrate.

  • Lawrence Lessig; Professor, Stanford Law School, Founder, Center for Internet and Society
  • Eli Pariser; Executive Director, MoveOn.org Political Action
  • Mike Krempasky; Founder, RedState.com
  • Markos Moulitsas; Founder, DailyKos.com
  • Roger L. Simon, CEO, Pajamas Media