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DailyKos and RedState, hand in hand

A wide ranging collection of individuals has put together a petition to Senators McCain and Obama requesting a change to the format of the final debate. The group is calling itself the Open Debate Coalition [1]. Their requests including allowing for more moderator discretion in followups and full footage release. Also, interestingly enough, is a request to come up with a better alternative to the current Commission on Presidential Debates to handle future debates. The membership is pretty diverse, as a couple of the individuals below demonstrate.

  • Lawrence Lessig; Professor, Stanford Law School, Founder, Center for Internet and Society
  • Eli Pariser; Executive Director, MoveOn.org Political Action
  • Mike Krempasky; Founder, RedState.com
  • Markos Moulitsas; Founder, DailyKos.com
  • Roger L. Simon, CEO, Pajamas Media