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    Cyber-SocialismColumns, Featured, Policy

    “…adopting a solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist using legal authority we don’t have,” leading to “billions of dollars in new taxes.” Sound familiar?

  • Police Stop

    Policing for ProfitColumns, Policy

    If you haven’t yet heard of Adrian Schoolcraft, you soon will.  The former New York City cop is suing the NYC Police Department for $50 million, after they harassed him, demoted him to desk duty and ultimately abducted and forcibly admitted him to a psychiatric facility.  His sin? secretly recording police conversations which reveal both […]

  • Obama 2015 SOTU

    Obama’s SOTU : Racing Past RacePolitics

    As usual, analysis of the President’s State of the Union address focused on what he said and proposed.  But it is what Barack Obama did not say on arguably the most significant domestic issue of our day which should be one of the major storylines.  In fact, the President glossing over the issue with hollow, […]

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    Obama on Immigration: It’s the Legacy, StupidColumns, Featured, Immigration, Policy, Politics

    Lost amidst the uproar over President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration is the real reason he did it. While Obama has always favored an amnesty of some sort, supported the senate immigration bill that never came to a vote in the house, and is perfectly happy to further strengthen his party’s already strong support among […]

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    Common Core on TrialColumns, Featured, Policy

    Do you support or oppose Common Core?  Do you know what it is?  If you’re like most Americans, you don’t know what it is or whether it is good or bad – or why it is controversial. The developers of the federal Common Core education standards tell it this way:  “The Common Core is a […]

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    What Gillespie ProvedPolitics

    In an election which could objectively be termed a tidal wave if not a tsunami for the Republican party, how ironic it is that a race lost by the GOP (pending a possible recount) may have served as the best indicator of the nation’s latest mood swing. Starting almost 30 points behind, hitting the fall […]

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    Referenda RoundupPolicy

    While America is a constitutional republic, distinct from the democracy so many believe it to be, ballot questions across the land always remind us of how different things might be if voters were asked to decide on the big issues of the day directly, rather than through their legislative representatives. Almost everything you have seen, […]

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    Forfeiting FreedomColumns, Featured, Policy

    Innocent until proven guilty.  We all know that is the very bedrock of the American criminal justice system.  But the most powerful and feared agency of our government has now admitted engaging in activity that is not only based on the opposite premise, that you are to be presumed guilty until proven innocent, but is […]

  • Obamacare

    If Not Obamacare, What?Columns, Featured, Policy, Politics

    On this first anniversary of its implementation, Obamacare has become like the weather.  Everyone complains about it, but it seems – at least to the citizenry – no one is doing anything about it.  But Ed Gillespie may be helping to change that. Now, it’s not like the GOP has just been passive aggressive about […]