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The Failed Visions of Bush and Obama

It has been many a year since we had a president who was not a bitterly divisive figure. We had eight years of Bill Clinton.  Then eight more of George W. Bush.  And now six of Barack Obama.  What these presidents have in common is the inability to do a single thing to meet with […]

  • harry-reid-vine-mocks-republicans-shutdown

    Deconstructing HarryColumns, Featured, Politics

    Harry Reid has a problem.  You see, there are people who think the Senate Majority Leader’s vision for the country is a bad one, and that he should be the leader of … well, anything other than a body with the power to tax, spend and regulate.  Such views may be permissible if expressed in […]

  • Ferguson police

    The Fallout from FergusonColumns, Policy

    Growing up in the 1960’s, most of us were taught to think of the police as “peace officers” endowed with the confidence of the communities they were charged to protect, and the kind of public servants we should admire.  But, notwithstanding the emergence of the estimable Capt. Ronald Johnson to sporadically halt the violence, the […]

  • brett kimberlin

    Brett Kimberlin Smited by Maryland CourtPolitics

    You will recall Brett Kimberlin as the Soros/Streisand/Heinz-Kerry supported felon who wages war on conservative/libertarian bloggers by filing meritless lawsuits by the dozen in an attempt to shut up those who say things with which he disagrees. You may recall my BD articles on this in 2012 here, following up here and here.  Bearing Drift […]

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    Saved by…Tobacco?Columns, Featured, Policy

    Anybody paying attention knows that the state of the American public education system is dismal.  As standards of both performance and behavior in public schools lower each year, we are now, incredibly, below average among well-developed nations in math and barely average in reading and science, and have dropped out of the top 20 nations […]

  • Israeli air strikes on Gaza

    Your Rights End…Where My Feelings BeginColumns, Featured, Politics

    You never can tell what nuggets you might stumble upon when googling, especially with the unintentional aid of auto complete.  In the midst of a mostly unrelated search last week, I stumbled upon an image that at first seemed amusing, then intriguing, and then got me to thinking through the profound truth about the left […]

  • This 29 February, 2000, photo shows the "death cha

    Death Pangs for the Death Penalty?Columns, Featured, Policy

    With the remarkably sudden surge in support for gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana – both fringe issues as recently as 10 or 15 years ago but now favored by a majority of the American people – this first decade and a half of the 21st century may well be flagged by historians as […]

  • Obama key bridge

    Obama’s (Dis)information HighwayColumns, Featured, Politics

    Every once in a while, an issue arises that seems to crystallize most all of the elements of relationship between the people and their government.  Such is the case with the troubled Highway Trust Fund, which is apparently about to run out of money.  In this story, we witness the confluence of government power, incompetence, […]

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    Hobby Lobby: Be Careful What You Wish ForColumns, Featured, Policy

    Constitutionalists are celebrating this week’s Supreme Court ruling in the so-called Hobby Lobby case, but given the political climate in this country, perhaps they should not.  Perhaps they were better off as the aggrieved parties. Why, you say?  Because however illegitimate the claim – and it is grossly illegitimate – leftists now have an issue […]

  • Hillary

    Hillary: Slam Dunk, or Fatally Flawed?Columns, Featured, Politics

    As Hillary Clinton emerges from the shadows and into the media spotlight again, she has much to explain as she launches her likely presidential candidacy.  This certainly includes her still-hazy role in the Benghazi scandal, but also a trio of things the Clintons never had when they were in the White House –  money, a […]