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John Taylor

R.I.P. John Taylor, Virginia’s “Godfather of Liberty”

Tim Donner remembers Virginia liberty icon John Taylor.

  • trump 3.24

    Trump’s Greatest Obstacle: His Own PartyPolitics

    Long ago and far away, Republicans, conservatives and libertarians were united in one singular goal for the 2016 election. Beat Hillary Clinton. The only way to reverse the years of leftward drift toward national decay and decline would be to nominate someone, anyone, who could defeat her in November. Unless, as it turns out, it […]

  • trump and supporters

    Trump: A Moderately Respectful and Contempt-free Defense of His Candidacy and SupportersPolitics

    As seemingly the only man standing at BD willing to offer a defense of the Donald Trump candidacy, and his supporters (you can call me the designated punching bag), allow me to respond to the full frontal assault on the bombastic billionaire and his supporters by my colleague Shaun Kenney. First, let me be clear. […]

  • trump-blames-twin-_3475159b

    Trump on 9/11: Unhinged or Shrewd?Politics

    Donald Trump has made a living off insulting/plain spoken/inflammatory rhetoric from the moment he announced his candidacy.  And so there is a temptation to conclude that his diatribe about the culpability of George W. Bush regarding 9/11 in Saturday’s debate will probably render the same result as his explosive remarks about Mexicans, Muslims, his rival […]

  • fox-news-channel-donald-trump

    Fox News UnmaskedPolitics

    After FNC’s ridiculously unprofessional press release, nobody can blame Trump for not participating.

  • trump elephant

    Exploring the Trump PhenomenonPolitics

    Who are all these people who have come out of the woodwork with their fanatical support for Donald Trump?

  • Gilmore speaks during a Unity Dinner in Iowa

    Jim Gilmore: Alive and KickingPolitics, Virginia

    With so much attention focused on the entirely unforeseen popularity of that bombastic billionaire, it is easy to forget that Virginia has its own candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. He’s a man who made many friends and few enemies while serving as the 68th Governor of The Commonwealth.  A man respected by both the […]

  • Trump Fox News

    The Trump CardPolitics

    You may hate Donald Trump.  Or love him.  The polls suggest you are probably in one camp or the other.  But the talk has already turned from whether he is simply a vehicle for protest to whether he can actually sustain his remarkable early dominance of the Republican presidential race. Fully realizing the likelihood of […]

  • MANDATES-Med_copy_t670

    Mandatory or ForbiddenPolicy

    The distinguishing feature of the emboldened left has increasingly become their thinly-veiled desire for control of as many areas of our lives as is humanly possible.  And the most effective way to do so is to pass laws and regulations that reduce individual freedom by categorizing things in one of two ways: Mandatory or Forbidden. […]

  • Was1152775

    Rethinking WPolicy, Politics

    Isn’t revisionist history great?  It allows us to constantly re-jigger the balance sheet on historical figures, events and patterns with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight.  It reveals seismic shifts in the way people think.  It turns everyone into a Monday morning quarterback…long after the season is over. Revisionist history most often takes hold many years, […]