Useful Idiots, Circa 2016

Back in the days of the cold war, there was a phrase used by Soviet Communists to describe the many liberals in America who would serve as stooges and apologists for their murderous totalitarian regime.

Useful idiots.

It is now time for that blast-from-the-past phrase to be taken out of mothballs, for it has become wholly appropriate on two different fronts these days.

In the wake of the largest mass murder in American history by a terrorist pledging loyalty to ISIS and the cause of Islamic jihad, our own President and like-minded apologists for radical Islam are spending the bulk of their time and energy attacking those who have the audacity to, unlike the president, actually name the enemy and pledge to ramp up efforts to stop them.  It’s incredible, really.  Barack Obama’s anger is actually directed at Donald Trump and the Republican party writ large rather than the barbarians toying with us and laughing in our faces.

For those who argue that all of this reveals afresh that Obama is actually a Muslim and not the Christian he claims to be, it is not likely that the president is bowing to Mecca five times a day.  However, we should hardly be surprised at his constant reflexive defense of Islam, when you consider his father was a left wing radical and Muslim, his mother married two Muslims, he lived in the largest Muslim nation in the world during his formative years, and attended a Muslim religious school.  None of this is new.  It was known when Obama was twice elected President.  And it was known when Obama named one of his closest advisers and an alleged Muslim convert, John Brennan, as Director of the CIA.  Today, however, Brennan all but contradicted his president on the threat posed by ISIS.

Indeed, for those actually paying attention and seeing reality rather than their desired reality, little surprise should attach to Obama’s misplaced anger, given that he is the first American president who was both raised amidst Islam and actually believes that America has been on the wrong side of history.  His public utterances, culminating with his post-Orlando diatribe, reveal that inarguable truth. His first instinct has always been to minimize the role of Islamo-fascism, defend Islam and focus his attacks on his political opponents.  This most useful of idiots is likely being toasted as we speak by the Islamo-fascists, who likely can not believe their luck in getting the most sympathetic pro-Muslim American president in history…..just a few years after 9-11.

Of course, the useful idiots are particularly idiotic and particularly useful when they attribute this latest act of terror not to a radical ideology, but to guns, as they always do within minutes of every mass murder.  Led by Hillary Clinton, arguably the most anti-2nd amendment presidential nominee in American history, they say with a straight face that more gun control might have stopped what happened in Orlando.  Right.  Certainly Mr. Mateen would have ruled out a barbarous criminal act….if he knew the weapons he used were illegal.

Do these idiots realize how ridiculous and irrational they sound to anyone with even a lick of common sense?  Yes, stripping the rights of average Americans to defend themselves – and make no mistake, Obama, Clinton & Co. intend to make handgun ownership illegal – will make us safer.

But while Obama and his successor as Democrat presidential nominee are acting as useful idiots, they are also benefitting from another series of useful idiots.  Those would be the conservatives and Republicans who are tripping all over themselves to trash the GOP presidential nominee publicly.

It is one thing to attack Donald Trump during the primaries – arguing the case for a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush is, of course, expected, welcomed even, during the primary season.

But it is quite another thing, once the primaries are over and a nominee is in place, to proclaim that you refuse to support the party’s nominee and make all manner of inflammatory statements about him that will benefit…only the Democrats.

We are facing the prospect of the most dishonest and corrupt nominee in American history actually becoming president.  A woman who is the subject of not one, but two FBI criminal investigations.  A woman who lied not just about Benghazi, but directly to the victim’s families about the cause of the attack.  A woman who was co-architect of a foreign policy that’s been a disaster from the start.  A woman who was in charge of policy regarding nations who were contributing hundreds of millions of dollars to her family foundation.  A woman claiming to be a feminist role model while accepting contributions from nations that won’t even let women drive a car or go out in public by themselves.  A woman who has lied publicly over and over about her use of a private server and the disposition of classified information.

And a woman who will certainly make at least one – and likely two or more – appointments to the Supreme Court that will guarantee a hard left deconstructionist court- and untold consequent damage to what remains of American culture – for more than a generation.

And yet, Republicans/conservatives like the entire Bush family, Mitt Romney, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, columnists George Will and Bill Kristol among many others  have served as remarkably useful idiots for Hillary Clinton by publicly trashing the Republican nominee with varying degrees of relish.

But, you say, Trump is a narcissist and a loose cannon with no class or dignity, so how can those people be expected to support a nominee they detest?

The answer is that they are not required to publicly support the nominee.  But it serves only the purposes of the Hillary Clinton campaign to declare their opposition and trash the nominee publicly, when simply remaining on the sidelines and casting their vote for someone else in the privacy of the voting booth should suffice for the presumably distraught consciences of these people who, unlike the rest of us I guess, are truly and deeply principled.

But I guess that’s not enough for these paragons of conscience.  They need to demonstrate that they hate Donald Trump more, I mean more, I mean much more, than anyone else in the world.  That’ll show him.  That’ll show us.  Yeah.

Of course, there is one other possibility.  These people might actually believe Hillary Clinton is a perfectly acceptable president.  In that case, never mind.

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