Bolling: Bernie Sanders Pushes for 32-Hour Work Week

Liberal authoritarian Bernie Sanders (yes, liberals can be authoritarians) has introduced legislation to require American employers to give their employees a 32-hour work week with no reduction in pay or benefits.

This may sound great to workers, but Sanders and those like him have no appreciation of the impact such a mandate would have on the productivity and profitability of American businesses.

By the way, I’m all for employers offering their employees a four-day work week (that’s four ten-hour shifts) if they choose to do so. In fact, the market is already moving many employers in this direction.

Heck, I’m even okay with employers offering their employees a 32-hour work week with no reduction in pay or benefits (although I doubt it is economically practical) if they choose to do so.

The point is that these changes should be driven by the market at the option of employers, not mandated and forced upon them by the federal government.

Unfortunately, the idea of free markets and choice are something that “authoritarian Bernie” doesn’t understand or care to understand.

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