Saxman: What a week! Super Tuesday and State of the Union. Game ON.

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Speaking of this week in politics … WOW.

Rather than opine at length at ALL of the events, let’s rip through the big ones instead.

  1. Super Tuesday – Congrats out to Donald Trump on a remarkable comeback. Campaign managers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles are first ballot Hall of Famers for this one.
  2. Super Tuesday II – Oh, yeah … Joe Biden also won.
  3. Neither Trump nor Biden participated in a single debate. #SavingDemocracy
  4. Both Trump and Biden used changes in the nomination process to win. But it’s not rigging an election. No. Not. At. All.Q – why did they have to change the rules?

    A – weakness in their own party.

    Trump won 64% of the popular vote but has 91% of the delegates while Nikki Haley won 32% of the vote and but just 8% of the delegates.

  5. Both parties are deeply fractured. Democrats have wide divisions (West/Stein/RFK) while the GOP is faced with replacing Never Again Trump Republicans with new and lower propensity voters. #270ElectoralVoteMathIsHard
  6. Thirteen Republicans announced their candidacy for POTUS after Trump did. That means they were all running against Trump; however, NONE of them really ever did until the very end. DeSantis waited to long to get in – and that’s on him, not his team.“Chris, in politics timing is everything.” – Congressman Bob Goodlatte


  7. Trump’s base is more enthused than Biden’s, but 1/3 of GOP voters voted against a former president vying for his third nomination.
  8. The State of the Union – end it, don’t mend it. Dear Lord. What an embarrassment for both parties. Good night for RFK Jr, Cornel West, Jill Stein, and No Labels.
  9. Biden got the job done for his nomination and sealed it last night. a) he ain’t leaving on his own b) Democrats largely got what they wanted in policy c) he performed much better than expectations d) but the expectations were very low and that ain’t good for any incumbent – especially POTUS with approvals below 40.
  10. Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s response? Congratulations to the writers and actors of Saturday Night Live, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart. First Nick Saban retires, now that debacle. Roll Tide.
  11. Some graphics for your perusal:

Super sky point to my dear friend, Pat O’Connell, who passed suddenly at the age of 37 this week 23 years ago.

Peace be with you, friends.

Some of his favorites:

Pat would be proud of his godson, William, who gives his thoughts on Super Tuesday:

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