Insurrection on U.S. Capitol, riot, January 6

Reagan Appointed Judge Warns False Rhetoric About 1/6 Attack Poses Danger To Nation

Contrary to what many in the GOP may want to believe, January 6 is not going away. Saner minds realized the danger it posed to America even though MAGAs who led the attack on the Capitol still insist, 1) Antifa did it; 2) FBI did it; 3) it was tourists.

The correct answer is: MAGA Republicans led the violent attack on the Capitol building itself, the police officers defending it, and the people – elected officials and staff members – who were inside preparing to certify the 2020 election to confirm that Joe Biden won.

However, the MAGA faux news doesn’t fly with the majority of Americans including Judge Royce Lamberth, a Reagan appointee to the bench.

From reporter Kyle Cheney at Politico:

The longest-serving district judge on the federal bench in Washington, D.C., warned Thursday that false rhetoric about the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol — including the sorts of lies hurled by former President Donald Trump and some of his congressional allies — poses an ongoing danger to the nation.

Judge Royce Lamberth, a Reagan appointee to the bench, said the “destructive” misinformation, spread by political leaders who have downplayed and misrepresented the attack, had become pervasive.

“In my thirty-seven years on the bench, I cannot recall a time when such meritless justifications of criminal activity have gone mainstream,” Lamberth lamented in a seven-page public court filing.

“I have been shocked to watch some public figures try to rewrite history, claiming rioters behaved ‘in an orderly fashion’ like ordinary tourists, or martyrizing convicted January 6 defendants as ‘political prisoners’ or even, incredibly, ‘hostages,’” he wrote. “That is all preposterous. But the Court fears that such destructive, misguided rhetoric could presage further danger to our country.”

Judge Lamberth is the latest high profile person to speak out about January 6, 2021. Here’s hoping many more will continue to speak the truth.

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