Putinists Prepare for Final Step in U.S. House

The Kremlin caucus has succeeded in keeping funding for Ukraine out of the Continuing Resolution that was necessary to prevent a shutdown. They have succeeded in dethroning Kevin McCarthy, who ostensibly supported helping Ukraine (he did vote for it, after all). Now, with everyone else in the Republican Party in chaos and rage, the Guardians of Putin are moving forward for their next and final step: installing a Speaker who will block any Ukraine funding from reaching the floor – never mind the overwhelming majority in the House in favor.

Not only has McCarthy lost the gavel, but he has also said he won’t try for it again. That “is sure to set off a scramble among ambitious Republicans — one that’s likely to get dirty and dragged-out” (Politico). They have until next Tuesday to settle upon a Speaker.

You will hear whispers about this or that candidate making promises on spending, or on appropriations rules, or on the already blown-up-at-the-tarmac “impeachment inquiry” into Biden.

Take it from me, it will all be noise.

In the end, the far-right crew will hold their noses and make it clear they will make it impossible to elect a Speaker with  only Republican votes, unless the would-be Speaker promises to keep any and all bills funding Ukraine’s self-defense off the House floor.

At that point, Republicans will have a choice. Do they take on their Kremlin caucus or give in to them? Recent behavior makes clear one should bet on the latter.

This means Democrats will need to consider – and to consider very seriously – the prospect of backing a pro-Ukraine Republican on a Coalition ticket. It may be the only way Ukraine gets the funding and the weapons it needs to win this war quickly.

Contrary to the doom-and-gloom of the summer, Ukraine’s counteroffensive is making strides and could “give Ukrainian forces an open route to the sea where they could drive a wedge between Russia’s occupying forces” (Telegraph). Ukraine is also winning the naval war, a spectacular feat for a nation without a true navy (Telegraph).

Vladimir Putin is on the desperate defensive on land and on sea. His only shot at preventing defeat is tricking the democratic world into ending its support for the Ukrainian people. His 5th column in Washington is in far better shape than his military.

We cannot let them win.

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