Saxman: Top Ten – Debate Poll + Rudy, Hillary, Frasier

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Rolling through the weekly Top Ten

  1. Ipsos poll of the GOP Debate watchers:

2. Axios attack tracker:

  1. You’ve seen the Donald Trump mugshot. But did you catch this one?

Internet – 1

Rudy – 0

  1. Speaking of so much winning, the Tucker/Trump interview on X(Twitter) is at 254 million views now. BUT according to this article that does NOT mean it was watched 254 million times. #SocialMediaImpressions h/t to Yahoo journalist Jon Ward for sharing that article.
  2. Speaking of Internet winning, Babylon Bee scored twice on Hillary Clinton. Headline #1 Hilary Makes Landfall, Destroying Over 30,000 Emails and #2 Weak Hurricane Hilary Performance Blamed On Russian Interference
  3. Speaking of humor – FRASIER IS BACK! October 12th.
    Niles' and Frasier's song from prep school animated gif
  4. Headline NYT – Maui Officials Blame Utility for Allowing Deadly Fire to Start In a new lawsuit, Maui County said Hawaiian Electric acted negligently by failing to disconnect power lines that were at risk of toppling in high winds. So… not human caused climate change? Mmk.
  5. Higher Education ALERT – Bridgewater College Lowers Tuition By 62%, Highlights Value Of Higher Education – Folks, that’s a really big deal.
  6. Bloomberg article – New York and California Each Lost $1 Trillion When Financial Firms Moved South For the first time, hard data shows the scope of the upheaval
  7. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin getting more attention this time from an op-ed in the WSJ by Lance Morrow

    After the debate, I went to sleep and dreamed that the Republicans had nominated a man who, like Mr. Trump, hadn’t been there—Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. I’m not sure whom the Democrats chose, but as far as the dream went, I found it pleasant enough. My hopeful subconscious had skipped the primaries and cast an absentee ballot in the general election.

    Which sent me to 270 To Win where you can move the Electoral Map however you choose.

    This was my best guess for Youngkin – Biden.

From Roanoke College poll in March – Youngkin +15 over Biden in Virginia.

In a matchup between Biden and Youngkin, Youngkin has the edge over Biden 54% to 39%, including a significant advantage among Independents at 54% to 35%, respectively.

Joel Greenblatt – The Waiter's Pad


On Hold Videos for the Zoom:

Added Adele since William and Mary Kathryn went to Vegas last weekend with their spouses to see her live. They said it was incredible. What a voice.

College Football kicks tomorrow – 2:30pm Navy vs Notre Dame in Dublin!

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