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Saxman: Top Ten – Debate Poll + Rudy, Hillary, Frasier

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Rolling through the weekly Top Ten

  1. Ipsos poll of the GOP Debate watchers [2]:

2. Axios attack tracker:

  1. You’ve seen the Donald Trump mugshot. But did you catch this one?

Internet – 1

Rudy – 0

  1. Speaking of so much winning, the Tucker/Trump interview on X(Twitter) is at 254 million views now. BUT according to this article that does NOT mean it was watched 254 million times. [6] #SocialMediaImpressions h/t to Yahoo journalist Jon Ward for sharing that article.
  2. Speaking of Internet winning, Babylon Bee scored twice on Hillary Clinton. Headline #1 Hilary Makes Landfall, Destroying Over 30,000 Emails [7] and #2 Weak Hurricane Hilary Performance Blamed On Russian Interference [8]
  3. Speaking of humor – FRASIER IS BACK! October 12th. [9]
    Niles' and Frasier's song from prep school animated gif [10]
  4. Headline NYT – Maui Officials Blame Utility for Allowing Deadly Fire to Start In a new lawsuit, Maui County said Hawaiian Electric acted negligently by failing to disconnect power lines that were at risk of toppling in high winds. [11] So… not human caused climate change? Mmk.
  5. Higher Education ALERT – Bridgewater College Lowers Tuition By 62%, Highlights Value Of Higher Education [12] – Folks, that’s a really big deal.
  6. Bloomberg article – New York and California Each Lost $1 Trillion When Financial Firms Moved South For the first time, hard data shows the scope of the upheaval [13]
  7. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin getting more attention this time from an op-ed in the WSJ by Lance Morrow [14]

    After the debate, I went to sleep and dreamed that the Republicans had nominated a man who, like Mr. Trump, hadn’t been there—Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. I’m not sure whom the Democrats chose, but as far as the dream went, I found it pleasant enough. My hopeful subconscious had skipped the primaries and cast an absentee ballot in the general election.

    Which sent me to 270 To Win  [15]where you can move the Electoral Map however you choose.

    This was my best guess for Youngkin – Biden.


From Roanoke College poll in March  [17]– Youngkin +15 over Biden in Virginia.

In a matchup between Biden and Youngkin, Youngkin has the edge over Biden 54% to 39%, including a significant advantage among Independents at 54% to 35%, respectively.

Joel Greenblatt – The Waiter's Pad [18]


On Hold Videos for the Zoom:

[19] [20]

Added Adele since William and Mary Kathryn went to Vegas last weekend with their spouses to see her live. They said it was incredible. What a voice.


College Football kicks tomorrow – 2:30pm Navy vs Notre Dame in Dublin!

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