U.S. House Schedule for Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022

On Tuesday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for morning hour and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. First and last votes expected: 1:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

One Minute Speeches

Begin Consideration of S. 1098 – Joint Consolidation Loan Separation Act (Closed Rule, One Hour of Debate) (Sponsored by Sen. Mark Warner / Education and Labor Committee)

Postponed Suspension Votes:

1) H.R. 8453 – Upholding the Dayton Peace Agreement Through Sanctions Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Ann Wagner / Foreign Affairs Committee)

2) H.R. 6846 – CORRUPT Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Tom Malinowski / Foreign Affairs Committee)

3) H.R. 7240 – READ Act Reauthorization Act of 2022, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Karen Bass / Foreign Affairs Committee)

4) H.R. 8503 – Securing Global Telecommunications Act (Sponsored by Rep. Kathy Manning / Foreign Affairs Committee)

5) H.R. 8520 – Countering Untrusted Telecommunications Abroad Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Susan Wild / Foreign Affairs Committee)

6) H.R. 7338 – Russia Cryptocurrency Transparency Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Gregory Meeks / Foreign Affairs Committee)

7) H.R. 6265 – CAPTAGON Act (Sponsored by Rep. French Hill / Foreign Affairs Committee)

8) H.Res. 558 – Urging the European Union to designate Hizballah in its entirety as a terrorist organization, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Ted Deutch / Foreign Affairs Committee)

9) H.R. 1433 – Helen Keller National Center Reauthorization Act of 2022, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Mark Pocan / Education and Labor Committee)

10) H.R. 4009 – Enslaved Voyages Memorial Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton / Natural Resources Committee)

11) S. 2490 – Blackwell School National Historic Site Act (Sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn / Natural Resources Committee)

12) H.R. 4358 – Little Manatee Wild and Scenic River Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Vern Buchanan / Natural Resources Committee)

Special Order Speeches

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Title Time Location
Amplifying the Arctic: Strengthening Science to Respond to a Rapidly Changing Arctic
Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
10:00 AM 2318 RHOB
“A 2022 Review of the Farm Bill: Stakeholder Perspectives on Title II Conservation Programs”
Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry (Committee on Agriculture)
10:00 AM 1300 LHOB
Under the Radar: Alternative Payment Systems and the National Security Impacts of Their Growth
Subcommittee on National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy (Committee on Financial Services)
10:00 AM 2128 RHOB
The Full Committee to consider the following: 1. S. 1941, the Metropolitan Areas Protection and Standardization (MAPS) Act; 2. S. 3510, the Disaster Resiliency Planning Act; 3. H.R. 8466, the Chai Suthammanont Healthy Federal Workplaces Act of 2022; 4. H.R. 8665, the National Archives and Records Administration Modernization Act; 5. H. Res. 1243, Of inquiry requesting the President transmit certain documents in his possession to the House of Representatives relating to the Biden family’s international business schemes and related information; 6. H.R. _____, the District of Columbia Home Rule Expansion Act; and 7. Several postal naming measures.
Committee on Oversight and Reform
10:00 AM 2154 RHOB
“The Clean Water Act at Fifty: Highlights and Lessons Learned from a Half Century of Transformative Legislation”
Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment (Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure)
10:00 AM 2167 RHOB
Markup of: • H.R. 82, the “Social Security Fairness Act of 2021” • H. Res. 1269, Of inquiry directing the Secretary of the Treasury to provide certain documents in the Secretary’s possession to the House of Representatives relating to the impact of the OECD Pillar One agreement on the United States Treasury. • H. Res. 1285, Requesting the President to transmit certain information to the House of Representatives relating to a waiver of intellectual property commitments under the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. • H. Res. 1262, Of inquiry directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide to the House of Representatives certain documents in the Secretary’s possession regarding the reinterpretation of sections 36B(c)(2)(C)(i)(II) and 5000A(e)(1)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, commonly known as the “fix to the family glitch”. • H. Res. 1283, Of inquiry directing the Secretary of the Treasury to provide to the House of Representatives a copy of the Internal Revenue Service Small Business/Self Employed Division Decision Memorandum regarding the decision to destroy approximately 30,000,000 paper information returns around the time of March 2021, and any other memorandum related to the decision to destroy those information returns. • H. Res. 1288, Of inquiry directing the Secretary of Labor to provide to the House of Representatives certain documents in the Secretary’s possession relating to Unemployment Insurance fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Committee on Ways and Means
10:00 AM 1100 LHOB
VA Major Acquisitions Failures: In Search of Solutions
Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (Committee on Veterans’ Affairs)
10:00 AM HVC 210 Select one
SBA Management Review: Office of International Trade
Committee on Small Business
10:00 AM 2360 RHOB
Back to School: Meeting Students’ Academic, Social and Emotional Needs
Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education (Committee on Education and Labor)
10:15 AM via Zoom RHOB
Examining Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta: The Implications of the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Tribal Sovereignty (Rescheduled)
Subcommittee on Indigenous Peoples of the United States (Committee on Natural Resources)
11:00 AM 1324 LHOB
Legislative hearing on “Public Lands and Waters Climate Leadership Act of 2022” (Rescheduled)
Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources (Committee on Natural Resources)
11:00 AM 1334 LHOB
“Assessing Crypto as a Tool for Financial Inclusion”
Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit (Committee on Agriculture)
2:00 PM 1300 LHOB
H.R. 8873–Presidential Election Reform Act
Committee on Rules
2:00 PM H-313 CAPITOL
Review of Diversity and Inclusion at America’s Largest Insurance Companies
Subcommittee on Diversity and Inclusion (Committee on Financial Services)
2:00 PM 2128 RHOB
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