Saxman: A Look at 3 Western Virginia HoD Districts with More Than One Incumbent

Three western Virginia House of Delegates districts are featuring contests that could have more than one incumbent legislator vying for the nomination.

These three nominations are essentially the election as all of these districts will, in all likelihood, be won by the Republican nominee.

District 36 – 64% Youngkin in 2021, 59% Trump in 2016

Delegates John Avoli and Ronnie Campbell

Avoli’s current House District 20 makes up almost 75% of the new 36th and that gives him a substantial structural advantage for the Republican nomination.

Financially, neither Avoli nor Campbell posted numbers in their last reports that indicate they are running. In fact, Avoli had the only donation reported.

Avoli has 58k Cash on Hand (COH) to Campbell’s 45k.

My Spidey Sense is that Avoli and Campbell have worked out their differences and that the new 36th will not have a rough and tumble nomination fight.

Advantage Avoli.

District 44 – 79% Youngkin, 74% Trump

Delegates Israel O’Quinn and Will Wampler

The new 44th is basically 50% the old 4th (Wampler) and 50% the old 5th (O’Quinn).

O’Quinn has a substantial lead in finances and more seniority/name ID than Wampler.

O’Quinn’s COH 245k to Wampler’s 88k; however, Wampler outraised O’Quinn in the first report 37k to 13k indicating that he might not be going quietly into that good night. In fact, Wampler had 51 donors over $100 and 25 under while O’Quinn posted 17 over $100 and 0 under.

If they both run one would have to give a slight edge to O’Quinn winning this nomination due to finances and name ID.

Current Slight Advantage – O’Quinn, but if someone offers you the money line on an uncontested nomination here, hit that bet hard.

And then there’s the 47th…


District 47 – 79% Youngkin in 2021, 72% Trump in 2016

Delegates Marie March and Wren Williams.

Since the second minute after the new district lines were announced, this nomination was deemed to be a whopper. Both newly elected in 2021, March and Williams have staked out political positions that align well with this very Republican region.

One regional Republican leader referred to this nomination fight as “a real sh*t show.”

So, let’s look at the numbers…

March represents current District 7 and Williams represents the 9th. If you note the visual below, the new 47th is made up of 35% from the 9th and just 18% of the old 7th.

Advantage – Williams; however, that other 35% from the old 6th is likely to be the battleground. Delegate Jeff Campbell currently represents the 6th and his endorsement could tip the nomination.

Financially, Williams reported 53k COH to March’s 6k, but March raised more in the period – but nothing significant 14k to 9k. Williams did have a lot more donors in the report with 72 over $100 and 56 under, whereas March had 14 over $100 and just 4 under.

Everyone familiar with this area believes that this will be a very contentious contest, but the numbers suggest it might not be that close. Williams comes from a much more populous part of the district and has more financial resources on hand.

Still, the Republican base responds to those who appear to be the fiercer fighter. (And so does the Democratic base for that matter)

To that end, March could peel off some votes in the old 6th. Her website says she is a “no compromise conservative” who doesn’t play politics, “but is committed to getting things done…”

Well, there’s a first time for everything.

Anywho…the 47th right now is a Lean Williams based solely on the numbers publicly available.

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