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There is just NO getting around this chart:

$4.60 a gallon and up from near $2 on Election Day 2020.

Internal polls at the D Triple C reflect some of the Likely Voter Polling in Real Clear Politics for the Generic Ballot. Dems down 47-39 (-8). From Punchbowl News)

Recalls the scene from Animal House and two degree separation from Kevin Bacon

Animal House Kevin Bacon GIF - Animal House Kevin Bacon Kevin GIFs


Seems like a good time for a trip out of the country before the Memorial Day weekend for POTUS because he is doing 3 points worse among All Adults vs Registered Voters. If memory serves, the Adult survey usually leads the RVs for Democrats.

What about Donald Trump these days? Glad NBC/Hart asked. Overall he is a slight trend down and more are moving into the Meh (Neutral) category.

Even Disney is barely above water these days. Like the D Trip internals, NBC/Hart has the GOP Less Negative than the Democrats but also under water by -11, but still negative. GOP +8


Things are just plain negative everywhere, right? Nope. GOP base enthusiasm is rising. Early numbers out of Tuesday primaries reflect that reality on the ground. Their turnout is up. A lot. CNN poll out before Tuesday’s results:

As I posted before this Monmouth Poll question pretty much sums it up. Nearly 70% of voters are not that close to the SCOTUS decision/Draft on Roe v. Wade. Those who say it will “personally impact you and your family” are probably committed voters given the constant activity on the issue. Note the “personally” – all politics is local and nothing is more local than the person. Scroll up to see those gas prices again.

Which likely explains why Biden’s numbers went back down after the first reporting of The Leak. There was a slight bump. No “sugar high.”

Moving to a growing issue that is being reported on – the political activity of businesses and their leaders.

It doesn’t come without peril. (We’ll be discussing that more and more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.)

So, that’s the down and dirty this week.

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SNL Cold Open on the Depp v Heard

Witchy Woman – Eagles, American Woman – Lenny Kravitz, and the legendary Eric Clapton – Cocaine (Live version) Sort of like Amber Heard in court. She’s close to becoming her own verb.

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