Work Like the Ants

So there I was, outside watching the doggos dig holes in what looks to be Fred Sanford’s back yard a few weeks ago when we had that warm spell. Thor was trying to aggravate Danny and biting his back feet. Didn’t take long for Danny to remind him of the alpha order around here with his disapproving growl. He looked at Thor as if to say, “F**k around and find out,” and went back to digging with a puff of breath on the ground.

But before he could resume digging, I realized he had displaced a large Ant colony. I made him move because the little bit of witchy in my soul can’t accept killing anything.

As I sat down in the mud to help the Ants rebuild their home, I thought of the Virginia General Assembly. Ok, I never said I wasn’t strange, but hear me out.

The air pressure from Danny’s nose must be significant because those poor ants were everywhere; their home scattered to the four winds. But before I could sit down to help, every single ant in the colony had already begun the process of fixing what was broken. I didn’t notice any of them standing in front of a news camera explaining why their plan was better or complaining about anyone else’s plan. They were all working … together.

So even with the power shift in Richmond, there is no reason our elected leaders can’t do the same.

The Donkey Clan would be wise to understand that there was a power shift, and the voters want something different.

The Elephant Clan should remember that their colleagues were elected, just as they were.

Virginia doesn’t appreciate extreme, either way. And the redistricting maps should light a fire of self-preservation under 90 percent of them. These fine folks have been trusted to do a job. So as Nike would say, Just Do It, but do it The Virginia Way.

Happy 2022.

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