In-Secure Progress

Nothing screams VIRGINIA like a group Dem Delegates forming a group called Secure Progress which mailed pre-filled voter registration forms from a Texas PO Box for “Election Mail Service (TM)” using a postage permit from Nebraska.

It comes with a remit envelope to go to the State Board of Elections, but the back of the form says for help to contact the folks at, which is not the SBE. But is based out of TX so there’s that connection.

Also, the Secure Progress website doesn’t have an active SSL certificate which is all kinds of issues.

The form? Is nothing like the state form. Includes party registration and misses the question about legal eligibility and address status to protect your privacy. This form is a potential hazard.

Would this application even count with it missing multiple fields on the SBE’s official application? If this application was rejected, would the Delegates behind the group blame the SBE or maybe want to talk to their vendor about not using a cookie cutter format?

But you can doodle a map to your house on their application so bonus?

Now, sure, there’s a debate about voting accessibility and even about ways to make it easier and more secure for folks to register and vote, but a Democratic organization of elected Delegates using a Texas based company with a Nebraska mail vendor sending Virginia voters official looking State Board of Elections forms but being told to contact either Texas or Democrats with questions but not the State Board of Elections who you’d think would be in charge of an “Election Mail Service (TM)”?

Yeah, this isn’t going to make anyone feel anything about this is easier or more secure.

Need to register or update your voter registration for the Commonwealth of Virginia? You can do so online or find a PDF of the official form you need through the Virginia State Board of Elections’ website. It’s pretty handy.

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