Republican Convention Day 2021 – Here We Go – Live Updates

After after all the mailers, all the phone calls, all the texts, all the meet-and-greets, all the SCC meetings, all the social media spats … it’s finally here – the 2021 Republican unassembled convention being held in 39 locations across the Commonwealth. Look here for updates throughout the day as Bearing Drift writers report in with the latest. Polls are open from 8am-4pm.



3:15pm: Our own Bearing Drift managing editor Melissa Kenney, who lives two minutes from her voting location, walked over on this beautiful spring day to vote and was TURNED AWAY because she was not in a car! They refused to allow her to vote if not in a vehicle. Those working the polls said they had to follow the rules and they didn’t want to be accused of giving anyone special treatment. Melissa wished them a good day and walked back home.

11:52 from Chris Saxman update for Henrico precinct: Now 790 voters or 34% … 787 voters at Madison.

11:50 from Susan Sili in the First District: Rude campaigns! After all the management at the State Fair has done to help us out with our District Convention, the campaigns went off the property we were assigned and peppered the Meadow Farm Mansion with campaign signs.  Since they are not inclined to remove them where they were not invited, the logistics people Jeff Sili and Andi Epps had to leave our site to go get them.  Good way to disrespect Caroline your host county.  

11:44 from Brandon Jarvis in Chesterfield County:

11:35 from Chris Saxman in RVA: “At 10:45 Henrico had 650 votes out of 2295 registered or 28%.

11:30 from Stephen Spiker in Prince William County:


10:45 from Susan Sili … very heavy turnout:


10:30 from Andrea Epps:


10:15 from  Susan Sili: As the day gets more interesting, conflicting interpretations of how to mark your ballot from the Chase and Youngkin campaigns. For Youngkin you can only vote for him once, according to how he has interpreted the rules. For Chase 7 times is the magic number. Again according to how she has interpreted the rules. Anyone want to guess if both are legal?


10:00  from Andrea Epps:


9:15 am from Susan Sili: Voters lined up at Meadow Event Park in Ashland.


9:00 am from Andrea Epps:

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