Teenage Republicans: ‘QAnon and Violence Have No Place In the GOP’

Teenage Republicans (TARs), including the Virginia federation, are rejecting conspiracy theorists, denouncing violence, and calling for accountability as the party continues to roil in controversy after the January 6, 2021, insurgency on the U.S. Capitol.

Some of the GOP’s youth have broken with their parents and grandparents in an effort to save the party from the radicalized fringe as the Republican civil war touches their ranks. In the process, they are out-pacing GOP adults who have been reluctant to respond to anything that could cross Donald Trump and his supporters.

The up-and-coming teen leaders not only recognize but call out the weird and crazy as they see it. These conservative teens are laying it on the line by showing that character and truth still count … along with other principles the Republican Party claimed to believe for decades but lost sight of in recent years.

There is a lesson to be learned from tomorrow’s leaders: stand up and speak out if you believe or see something wrong, and defend your principles in the face of those who don’t.

Earlier this week the Teenage Republican Federation of Virginia (VATRFV) tweeted the following:


Teenage Republican Federation of Virginia

Conspiracy theories and violence do not belong in the #GOP. We stand behind

and every other federation in condemning this heinous group.


Here is the letter that was signed by leadership of TARs federations in Virginia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi:

Virginia TARs chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary all signed, declaring that as leaders of the next generation they are responsible for “calling out and denouncing rhetoric that is inconsistent with our values and damaging to help expand the Republican base. This includes QAnon and other similar conspiracy theories.”


This should be a question to any candidate who is running for elected office in 2021. It should be the question put to RPV leadership and all Republican elected officials: “Do you stand with the Teenage Republicans in denouncing QAnon, conspiracy theories, and violence within the party’s ranks?”

Calls to cut the radical element from the party are coming from current Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger who is on the front line of leading the battle. On Monday he tweeted that the next generation will save this country. On Tuesday he said, “It’s time we just tell the truth … you know what, honestly. If it costs us an election to save our soul, I’m fine with that.”


Former Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock, who has been speaking out on this issue, appeared today on CNN to discuss how to rid the party of the cancer of QAnon and conspiracy theorists:

Former Virginia Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman, who was knocked out of office by the far right in the Virginia Republican Party’s 5th congressional district, tweeted:

Even former Florida Governor and U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush shared on Twitter:

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) who was one of the ten U.S. House of Representative members who voted in January to impeach Donald Trump a second time, posted on Twitter, “I appreciate these teenage Republicans telling others their party stands for truth.”

Newsweek picked up on the activities from the youngest ranks of the GOP, noting:

Teenage Republican groups have denounced the QAnon conspiracy theory in an open letter backed by a handful of lawmakers as believers in the radical ideology appeared to be gaining a small foothold in the party.

Posting their joint letter on Monday, representatives from six Teenage Republican groups said the QAnon conspiracy theory was harming the GOP and curbing its ability to “reach out to new voters” and build on its base.

The young activists also warned that QAnon could “cast a dark shadow” over the Republican party in the 2022 midterm elections should the conspiracy theory centered on a supposed ruling cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles not be separated from the GOP.

Here’s hoping this issue from the six state Teenage Republican federations becomes a snowball gathering more federations along the way. Meanwhile, we won’t hold our breath waiting for the adults to catch up.

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