VFRW Resolution Urged State Central to Uphold Primary

Members of the Virginia Federation of Republican Women shared a resolution with members of the State Central Committee (SCC) prior to last Saturday’s vote when SCC upheld a convention for the 2021 nomination process. See the VFRW letter below the resolution.

VFRW Official Resolution

In Support of Primaries as a Method of Candidate  Selection

WHEREAS, The use of primaries in candidate selection ensures  participation of the greatest number of voters; and

WHEREAS, Primaries allow for the use of absentee ballots  ensuring that military men, women, and their families serving  around the world may participate in one of the greatest rights  granted by the Constitution of the United States; and

WHEREAS, Primaries allow the backbone of the Republican Party,  small business owners, entrepreneurs and hard-working women and  men, an equal chance to participate in the candidate selection  process; and

WHEREAS, Conventions are exclusive rather than inclusive,  extremely time consuming, and very expensive for the grassroots  of the Republican Party; and

WHEREAS, In a recent on-line poll conducted by the VFRW  website, the vast majority of our members overwhelmingly  supported the need to use primaries to select state and national  candidates in the Commonwealth;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Virginia Federation of  Republican Women, in Convention on April 22-24, 2016 in McLean,  Virginia, firmly supports the use of primaries to select candidates  for Commonwealth and National elective offices for the good of  the Republican Party and the good of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The following letter, signed by current and former VFRW leaders who wanted their opinion voiced to the SCC members regarding the method of nomination, represents 29 of the 44 VFRW clubs in the Commonwealth of Virginia whose presidents represent 66 percent of the club leadership that asked for SCC to consider a primary.

Dear Members of the State Central Committee,

We write to express our strong and united support for selecting a Primary as the method of nomination for our statewide candidates this year. In fact, to demonstrate our strong stance on this issue, we as an organization have already adopted a Resolution, passed unanimously by our members, calling for Primaries as the preferred method of nomination. Please refer to the attached Resolution as the official position of the VFRW.

The VFRW has spoken frequently and consistently in favor of a nomination process that allows participation from all Republicans. We have regularly expressed our concerns over the unnecessary obstacles to participation that are unique to conventions. Any parent with small children is disadvantaged in a process that requires multiple hours out of a precious Saturday. It’s not only the parents who are excluded. Women who do the heroic work as first responders and who serve our country in the greatest Armed Forces in the world, women who work shifts on the weekend, or worship on Saturdays, serve as caretakers or cannot afford to drive 150 miles, potentially incurring costs of tolls,  food, etc — we all deserve to have a voice.  

Further, we continue to hear disturbing rumblings around efforts to remove our representation on the State Central Committee. The VFRW has been a valuable member of SCC since the early 70s and we know you all agree our contributions to the Party in many ways outweigh our representation on the SCC. We will fight any efforts  to take that voice away.  

We join our fellow co-laborers in the grassroots movement, namely the other auxiliary organizations like the Young Republicans and the College Republicans, who do the hard work for our candidates and our party, and call on you to vote for a Primary on Saturday.  

Please-no more delay tactics. No more shutting off debate. Please vote, and please  allow the voices of women across VA to be empowered and not silenced.  

Please join nearly every VFRW past President, and nearly 70% of our current Club Presidents below in voting for a Primary on Jan 23.



Sharon Ashurst – President, Angela Gregory RW

Cheryl Saggers – President, Barbara Bush RW

Jackie Amos – Past President, Botetourt RW

Grace Connor – Member, Botetourt RW

Sandra Gorby – President, Central Chesapeake RW

Susan Cobb – VFRW 2nd Vice President, former President of the Monticello Council of RW and Member, Central Chesapeake RW

Beth Banks – Past President, Central Chesapeake RW

Sue Cosgrove – Legislative Chair, Central Chesapeake RW

Shirley Forbes – Vice Chair, Republican Party of Chesapeake and Member, Central Chesapeake RW

Victoria Proffitt – Chair, Chesapeake School Board and Member, Central Chesapeake RW

Debbie Ritter – Chesapeake City Councilwoman and Member, Central Chesapeake RW

Susan Vitale – Chesapeake City Councilwoman and Member, Central Chesapeake RW

Rosy Gilbert – Bylaws Chair, Central Chesapeake RW

Thelma Gilbert – Member, Central Chesapeake RW

Patsy Walker – 6th District Representative, VFRW and Member, Central RW

Mildred Scott – Member, Central RW

Debbie Bodlander – President, Colonial Mount Vernon RW

Erika Dyer – State Legislative Chair, VFRW Board and Member, Colonial Mount Vernon RW

Mary Franklin – President, Dan Valley RW and VFRW Past President

Anna Van Laethem – President, Elizabeth River RWC, Former Member, VFRW Board of Directors

Mary Korving – Past President, Elizabeth River RW, Past VFRW District Representative

Carole de Triquet – Past President, Elizabeth River RWC, Former Member, VFRW Board of Directors

Miki Miller – VFRW Past President and Past President, Elizabeth River RW

Edna Eckel – President, George Mason RW

Linda Bartlett – VFRW Past President, VFRW State Central Representative and 2nd Vice President, George Mason RW

Doriene Steeves – VFRW Past President and Member, George Mason RW

Gloria Chambers – President, Greater McLean RW

Jill Cook – Newsletter Committee Chair, Greater McLean RW

Susan Yungbluth – President, Hampton Roads RW

Nancy Russell – President, Hanover Republican Women and VFRW Congressional District 1 Representative

Roxene Turner – President, Huguenot Republican Women

Fay Williamson – VFRW Past President and Member, Huguenot RW

Ellen Nau – VFRW Past President and Member, Huguenot RW

Tara Carroll – Past President, Huguenot RW

Tracy D. Seredni – Past President, Huguenot RW

Carey Allen – 2nd Vice President, Huguenot RW

Terry Warthen – President, James River RW

Marie Quinn – Member, James River RW

Kristi Way – Second Vice President, James River RW

Lana Wingate – Acting President, Jamestown Heritage

Marilyn Riddle – Treasurer, Jamestown Heritage

Janet Haley Varre – President, Liberty RWC

Patti Hidalgo Menders – President, Loudoun County RW

Jean Gannon – President, Mill Quarter Republican Woman’s Club and 2016-2018 VFRW Corresponding Secretary

Karen Wooten – Past President, Mill Quarter RW

Ann Tackett – Past President, Mill Quarter RW

Lisa Vaughan – Past President, Mill Quarter RW

Andi Bayer – President, New Providence RW

Bessie Scott – Past President, New Providence RW

Nanette Miller – President, Nimmo Republican Women

Gale Butt – President, Portsmouth RW

Angie Hall – VFRW Past President and Member, Pulaski Co. RW

Dede McGrath – President, Roanoke Valley RW

Octavia Johnson – Past President, Roanoke Valley RW

Alice Butler Short – President, RW of Clifton

Anne Seaton – President, RW of Greater Augusta

Karen Hoover – Past President, RW of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County

Barbery McLawhorn – President, Southside RW

Brenda Campbell – Vice President, Southside RW and VFRW Past Present

Kathleen Vincent – President, Tri City RW

Barbara Tabb – Treasurer, Tri City RW

Cher McCoy – President, Valley RW

Laurel Rohlfs – President, Virginia Beach RW

Mary Ramey – VFRW Past President and Member, Virginia Beach RW

Paula Krewinghaus – President, York RW

Paula D. Willoughby – VFRW Past President

Jane H. Woods – Former Virginia State Senator


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