Happy New Year 2021: Bearing Drift’s Resolution

Hello, 2021! Goodbye, 2020.

This year has been one for the history books. Yes, every year is … but this was the year of the global Coronavirus pandemic. As 2021 rolls in, 20 million Americans have developed Covid-19 and 350,000 have died including many familiar names.

As you read this, the Covid vaccine rollout has been significantly slower than the Trump administration promised so, with only three weeks until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, the big push may not come until then. All around us the virus continues to explode as we enter what infectious disease experts have suggested may be the darkest winter in modern history.

Politics during the entire year was … um … interesting. The November 3 presidential election drew more votes for both candidates than ever before … and Democrat Joe Biden won (81 million votes / 51.33%) over Republican incumbent Donald Trump (74 million votes / 46.96%).

Trump and Republicans claimed a stolen election and refused to accept the results. Three Virginia GOP congressmen – Cline, Griffith, Wittman – signed onto an amicus brief backing a Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate election results in four states other than their own but the lawsuit, along with almost 60 other lawsuits, failed.

So as the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2021, two months after Election Day, the battle by Trump and the GOP to overturn the election continues with a plan to challenge the January 6, 2021, certification of Electoral College votes.

That’s kind of indicative of the way the entire year has gone.

Meanwhile, here at Bearing Drift, it’s time to look back at the past year, thank those who have built our foundation, offer extra thanks to our writers and background support, express gratitude for our readers, and start out with a clean slate in 2021.

Here comes 2021

Bearing Drift, created by J.R. Hoeft, turns 17 this year as we continue to showcase the talents of our writers and contributors who share their opinions, observations, and knowledge about the political world around us, as seen from our center-right position. With our concentration primarily on Virginia, we sometimes branch out to national and world politics when they affect us here in the Commonwealth.

Our New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to continue to provide quality articles to our readers, and to strive to present new content on a regular basis. We hope our readers will continue to read and add their civil voices to the discussion.

Our writers and background support

As the new year begins, we want to take a moment to recognize those who make Bearing Drift the remarkable organization that it is and their contributions. That consists of our writers and behind-the-scenes folks who have been the wind beneath the wings of Bearing Drift by sharing their time, political experiences, and personalities as we work together on a daily basis. And it is all volunteer.

Melissa Kenney is our advertising director and managing editor who sells ads, shares her expertise, and also digs into the site to troubleshoot technical issues that may arise.

Jason Kenney is our webmaster. For an organization like ours, that is just about the most important person in the operation. He troubleshoots issues and is practically on call at all hours of the day and night.

Susan Sili is our resident “hostess with the mostest” who covers the General Assembly during session, shares entertaining tips, and writes historical pieces about Virginia while covering her home base in Caroline County.

Brian Schoeneman is our editor-in-chief emeritus and occasional contributor who is always there to provide support and feedback. His wealth of experience includes political volunteer and former candidate for public office.

Shaun Kenney, formerly a contributor and editor at Bearing Drift, is now senior editor for The Republican Standard, and is generous in sharing his writing.

Stephen Spiker, who is experienced in polls, policy, and campaigns, provides solidly-researched pieces and crunches the political numbers while actively involved with local politics.

Norm Leahy, who served as BD editor-in-chief in the past and is one of our content partners, writes for Real Clear Investigations and a weekly column at the Washington Post.

D.J. McGuire, a former long-time contributor, returned in 2018 after a two-year absence. His experience is in foreign affairs and financial issues as well as Virginia politics. As our resident conservative Democrat (leaving the GOP in 2016), D.J. provides a counterpoint and balance to Republican talking points.

Matt Hall is our goodwill ambassador, writing articles as well as conducting podcast interviews of candidates and elected officials as one-half of Bearing Drift’s millennial-based Grand New Podcast.

Michael Allers Jr. is the other half of Grand New Podcast. He has quickly gathered fans of his millennial-style writing and sharp wit that are new to the Virginia political scene. He’s also our resident political cartoonist.

Kristina Nohe brings a sassy wit and deep-rooted thoughts on current events and the political world we find ourselves navigating. Her style is cutting edge and fresh, and she brings some much-needed common sense in her writing.

Andrea Epps has a determination about politics that drives her desire to find truth and expose it in today’s volatile political world.

Will Shewmake, a published author, brings a distinguished and measured knowledge to his writing, cultivated from years of politics and experience in the legal field.

M.D. Russ brings years of experience with a military and business background, weighing in on a variety of issues with his no-nonsense approach.

Matt Walton offers perspective from the Richmond area, utilizing his experience from running for public office and working campaigns, and he has an ever-growing presence on Twitter.

–Steven Brodie Tucker’s thoughtful writing has captured an audience with readers, and he sometimes provokes those on both sides of the political aisle to stop and think, and respond.

Andrew Hull is on semi-hiatus as he works his way through year two of law school. His writing is thought-provoking with honest assessments of the daily drama show known as Republican politics.

John Hardy Willson has provided a refreshingly blunt, honest assessment of Virginia politics and sometimes steps on GOP toes.

–Matt Homer is our newest writer, bringing with him the experience of a Republican staffer who worked in the 6th District and beyond for congressmen and presidential candidates, with an honest assessment of today’s GOP.

Rob Schilling, content partner, writes about conservative issues, has his own radio show, and is a former Charlottesville city councilman.

–Chris Saxman, former House of Delegates member who is in charge of Virginia FREE and has a drive-home radio show based out of RVA, is one of our newest content partners with an eye on Virginia politics with an honest look in a way only Chris does.

Scott Lingamfelter, another former House of Delegates member, is the second of our newest content partners.

Lynn R. Mitchell … and then there’s me — editor-in-chief, photo chaser, and multi-tasker. If it falls through the cracks, I try to catch it.

Thank you to all for making it fun to do what we do, and to their families for sharing them with us.

Here’s expecting even greater things for Bearing Drift in the coming year so watch to see where we go in 2021. As the Covid vaccine begins distribution, we pray America and the world will soon return to normalcy.

From all of us to all of you … stay safe, be well, and Happy New Year!

-Lynn R. Mitchell

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