Let’s Talk Turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. Time for some good bird, stuffing, all the trimmings, all the pies, and all of Northam’s restrictions.

But I’m going to propose something that is going to reduce heartburn. And no, not from any of the food. Heartburn from politics. This holiday, let’s talk turkey – and only turkey. Please.

We all come from different backgrounds – and all our families are different. This election might have torn some families apart. It has damn near torn the Commonwealth and the Nation apart.

Thanksgiving is the precursor to Christmas – a time of thankfulness and family. Those two things should trump any political or social disagreements – no pun intended. We have to move forward. We have to start acknowledging each other again without shame, and that starts in the home. Isn’t that the American Way? The Virginia Way?

It should not matter if you are a vigilant Trump supporter from Southwest, or a passionate social justice organizer from Arlington. Or a Lincoln Project Republican from Richmond or Blue Dog Democrat from Fredericksburg.

It’s Thanksgiving. Let’s lay down our swords – if only for a moment. For the good of the holiday and the good of your family. No scream-outs over who won. No conspiracy theories. No comparing electoral maps. No manly mask debates.

Let’s be thankful – for being able to have food on our tables in an economic crisis and a Global Pandemic. Let’s be thankful – for being in this beautiful Commonwealth as the crisp autumn leaves turn and fall. Let’s be thankful – for being with our loved ones when many have lost those this year.

See, those little things and moments that we should be thankful for are what truly matter. Not who won or who really lost.

At Bearing Drift, we are a big family – with lots of different hot takes, passions, and opinions. Some readers may be happy or not so happy with some of our opinions. That’s okay. As writers and bloggers, we disagree with each other from time to time – just like you do with your own family, I’m sure.

As our readers, you too are a part of our family – and we value your input – from the comment section to the Twittersphere. At our family table, let’s declare all are welcome. I hope all are welcome at yours this Thanksgiving – well, as many as Ralph lets us. The future of the Commonwealth depends on it.

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