Im Looking Forward To Four More Years: My Journey From Hating Candidate Donald Trump to Supporting President Donald Trump

I want to start by stating a thought that in the beginning of the Trump phenomenon, I was a Trump Hater.

I screamed, I stomped, and I tweeted. I called the President all sorts of names on social media. I bashed Trump supporters on every social media platform. And in 2016, I made a huge mistake. In 2016, I left my ballot blank for the President. I voted for Bob Goodlatte and left the polling place angry.

I was hurt, my guy didn’t win. I was worried about the direction of the country. Hillary Clinton is the worst human being to ever run for President, but I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Donald Trump. I am not proud of that. I threw away a chance to change the direction of the country. I threw away my chance to listen to the American people.

On Election Night 2016, I stayed up like millions of Americans, with bated breath, wondering about the direction of our country. As the night went on, I was scared for our country. What direction would we take? America chose Donald Trump.

I began to search for answers. Why did the country I love vote for a bombastic candidate with no government experience like Donald Trump? I did what a lot of Americans did, I went looking for reasons to why this happened. I read Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance and things started to make sense. It made me think about my dad.

I am a Republican because of my dad. My dad is the hardest working human being I know. He wakes up at 4 AM to get to his manufacturing job in the textile industry at 5 AM. He works from 5 AM to 2PM. He gets off work to go take care of my elderly grandparents, usually visiting them every day. He then comes home to work on cars or work on his garden. All he wants to do is a weekend or two a month to bass fish, and to teach the same Sunday School class he has taught for 30 years. My dad never asks for help from others.

For far too long, my dad was ignored. Not all, but many Republicans and Democrats, for a long time sneered at people like my dad. He’s an evangelical Christian, hard-working, always pays his taxes, and when there is no Republican on the ballot, he writes in his dog Daisy. But people sneer at my dad. He has watched his friend’s jobs get shipped to China. His wages haven’t gone up. His faith is mocked by the liberal media. No one cuts him a break. He is called all sorts of names. He’s a simpleton. He doesn’t matter to the corporate elite.

However, I still believed the lies that the liberal media told about President Donald Trump. But then he started to stand up for people like my dad.

Donald Trump started his presidency by appointing the greatest legal mind our generation has ever known, Justice Neil Gorsuch. Justice Gorsuch is a hero of mine. He is a brilliant legal mind, with both his JD and a Doctorate in philosophy. And President Trump didn’t stop there; he kept appointing federal judges left and right. He has now appointed over 200 judges who are conservative.

President Donald Trump also did something I would have never thought possible. Donald Trump did what no President for the last 20 years had the guts to do. He moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Contrary to the popular belief among some people, I am a Christian and a staunch supporter of Israel. President Trump stood up for something.

Then I got a tax break. My wages at work went up, my tax rate went down, and I even got a raise at my job because of the tax cut! President Trump was putting money into my pocket. Lauren and I were able to afford trips to the Homestead and to Disney World. We bought nice things, we have a better life because of this tax cut.

My thoughts on the President, while still not liking him, began to shift to think, maybe he was not such a bad President. Then two things happened.

First, President Trump not only appointed Justice Brett Kavannaugh, but he had the guts to stand up to the leftist media and their lies. Brett Kavannaugh was lied about, mistreated, and I firmly believe the Democratic Party did a disservice to democracy in their character assassination of Justice Kavannaugh. Other presidents would have chickened out. Other presidents would have dropped Kavannaugh like a hot rock. But, President Trump stood up to the media and told them to kick rocks.

AND EVEN THEN, I STILL BELIEVED TRUMP WAS A LIAR. Because the media said Russia gave him the election. Then, the Mueller report came out. I was so excited. We had him now! This was it.

And, then, NOTHING. The Mueller Report was the biggest nothingburger in American political history.

But the real change happened last year. It was 2019 and I was sitting at my dear friend Nancy Dye’s house. We were watching the first Democratic debate for President. Nancy and I were enjoying a lovely glass of Cabrenet and watching these Democrats. Candidate after candidate in the Democratic field talked about how the country I love was terrible. That people like my dad were terrible because they were god-fearing, gun owning, and good Christian people. And Beto O’Rourke opened his mouth about how gun ownership was ruining America.

And I literally tweeted out, F**K THIS S**T, I’m voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

Because you know what. I love America. I am proud to be an American. I am a gun owner. I am a Christian. I work for a living. I am not the problem in America! I am what keeps this country going.

Guess what? Americans hit the “F this” button in 2016 because the political people in this country ignored the common working man. They ignored the common people. They literally took a pass on someone who had held almost every job in the US Federal government to take a chance on a reality TV show host, just to see if he would listen to them.

And President Donald Trump listened.

President Trump has appointed 220+ lifetime federal appointments to the federal bench.

President Trump moved our American Embassy to Jeruselam.

President Trump passed a massive tax cut, making middle America richer and more economically secure.

President Trump passed the USMCA, which will protect millions of America jobs, especially people like my dad.

President Trump backs our police officers who keep our streets safe.

President Trump backs free speech.

President Trump loves this country.

And you can bet your ass I am voting for my President, Donald J. Trump, this November!

Tonight, I look forward to hearing the vision President Trump presents to America and I look for to four more years of American greatness. Let’s Keep America Great in 2020. Let’s vote for President Donald J. Trump.

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