Amanda Chase Is Trash

Enough is enough. Until it’s enough.

Nevermind the fact that Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (I-Chesterfield) has Amy Klochubar levels of dysfunction when it comes to the treatment of her staff.

Nevermind the insatiable degree to which Chase covets attention, either from the media or from her own neighbors and friends.

For those unfamiliar with Amanda Chase’s reign of shame, the litany is perhaps too long to recount:

Amanda Chase’s new hobby horse as she attempts to maintain relevance by running for the Republican nod for governor in 2021? Preserving white history.

Yes. White history.

Not to be deterred after receiving the shocked “nuh-uh” from the entire world, Chase chose to double down in true Corey Stewart fashion.

Naturally, that’s not what Republicans have ever stood for.

As for my fellow Republicans — or at least those of us who remain — welcome to your time for choosing.

If you can’t draw the line here, you can’t draw a line anywhere.

For six years, we have been plagued with this nonsense of racially charged politics. We thought it would stop; it has only gotten worse. Not because these people have any actual strength, but solely for the reason that we have chosen not to stand up for what we actually believe.

And so these voices have defined us. But not anymore.

I am calling on Chairman Jack Wilson and the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia to hold an emergency meeting and declare that Amanda Chase has disqualified herself from consideration as a candidate for public office in Virginia, that she is not a member of the Republican Party in good standing, and that she has violated the RPV Creed in both spirit and word.

After this, the full State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia should call a special session to drum Amanda Freeman Chase out of the GOP — or we can surrender any moral claim to governance in any quarter of Virginia.

Time to exercise that right of free association we’ve been talking about since 2003, and to hell with the consequences. Anyone who subscribes to this filth isn’t someone worthy of elected office — PERIOD.

Do not wait to do this.

Amanda Chase’s “white history” line is nothing more than dealing in trash — and she knows it. Throw her out and redeem what remains.

Cover image: Columbus statue in Richmond’s Byrd Park. Photo by Smash the Iron Cage.

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