3rd GOP Congressional District Fights Back

A video began circulating over the weekend in Virginia’s Republican 3rd Congressional District that has local GOP members questioning the origin while State Central Committee representatives from the District posted a notice on Facebook denouncing “real or implied racism in any form.”

The video was billed as a debate between three 3rd District congressional candidates but it was not sanctioned or authorized by the 3rd District nor were the logistics of the event clearly presented to the committee for formal approval.

Under a caption that read, “Coming Soon Jesus T-Shirts,” it urged viewers to, “TUNE IN LIVE VIA FACEBOOK TO THE REPUBLICAN DEBATE ON CRITICAL DIALOGUE @ 8:30 PM.” Other than displaying the usual photo of the three candidates with the time and date, it was no ordinary debate promo video.

With a background of fast-paced music, it features a mash-up of film clips in split-second spurts with flashing images of white-robed clansmen marching as the KKK, BLM (Black Lives Matter), President Reagan’s shooting, Malcom X, cross burnings, Hitler, bin Laden, a burning building, and more. See it here.

Below is the statement from the State Central members – Carole de Triquet, Bill Coburn, and Steve Trent – denouncing not only the video but the debate.





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