Matt Frenger, Augusta County Library System Technician, Is Employee of the Year

Matt Frenger helps a colleague with the 3D printer.

Matt Frenger has made everyone in the Augusta County Library system proud. As a trustee on the library board, I wanted to share the news of Matt’s selection as the Augusta County Employee of the Year. Here’s the news release….

Highly technical knowledge coupled with excellent people skills is rarely found in the same person but it is one of the many qualities that the Augusta County Library values in their system technician, Matt Frenger. Frenger has been helping six libraries, their staff, and patrons navigate the often confusing (and way too technical) world of technology for the last two years with patience, good-humor, and kindness. This special combination of qualities is part of what makes Matt Frenger Augusta County Employee of the Year.

Library director, Diantha McCauley, said, “His creative technological ideas, upkeep of the library’s technical systems and customer and staff education has really benefited the library and the patrons. He is well-known in the community for his recent innovative project – our new 3D printer, which is the only one in our Valley Libraries Connection consortium.”

Frenger was instrumental in in getting the 3D printer for the library, convincing library leadership that it was something the public would use. And use it they have. Since July, around 100 people have printed a myriad of items, from classical sculptures, jointed fish, replacement parts for drawers, and a fish-shaped water bowl, to countless other useful, unique, and fun products.

When Matt is not traveling between all six libraries, managing and troubleshooting the computers, Wi-Fi, and printers, he often teaches free technology classes on Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, mobile device usage, Windows 10 and more. Many of his students tend to be older students who are hesitant to use technology, but Matt has a calm way of teaching that makes it easy for them to follow and understand. After holding these classes, Matt soon realized that it was more efficient for many of the patrons to come to him with a specific problem they needed help with so he is now concentrating on individualized instruction through the library’s “Book-a-Librarian” program. Patrons like the one-on-one time and concentration on their specific issue.

The library appreciates all these facets about Matt along with the fact that he takes the initiative to seek out new technology to help keep the libraries on the cutting edge (or at least more on the current side). The feeling is mutual. When asked about the award, Matt expressed, “I’d just like to say that I’m extremely grateful to the county for this recognition. My favorite part of working at the library is meeting and interacting with our wonderful patrons and our amazing staff. Additionally, I love that I have the opportunity to work with so many different new and emerging technologies here at the library.”

Matt also won the 2019 Award of Excellence award. Many thanks to him for all he does for the library and Augusta County.

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