Election Predictions From Bearing Drift Writers – Updated

We offered an opportunity for our writers to put some predictions out there about Tuesday’s elections. One writer just posted a photo of a dumpster fire. Others discussed certain candidates. But only three actually put together prediction thoughts so they are presented here. Keep in mind that many of us are involved in campaigns so time, or the lack of, may have been a consideration.

Update x1: Andrea Epps’s Round 2 of predictions….

Round 2 HOD
Flip D: 91, 81, and 100 (toss up)
Flip “R”: 31, 51, 68, and 75 (toss up)

Andrea Epps, Round 1:

Okay … this is my first ever prediction, so don’t laugh to hard. This is HOUSE Round 1 (I’m not finished)….

First round of House seats that turn blue:

85 stays D
73 stays D
66 is hard … depends on how much influence Chase race has

DJ McGuire, our resident conservative-Republican-turned-conservative-Democrat (after Trump’s election):

Dems will pick up: VA Sen 7, 10, 12, and 13; VA House 28, 40, 94, and either 66 or 76.
No Dem losses.

Senate: D 23-17; House D 53-47

From Matt Walton, our Henrico writer:

House races….
D – 54
R – 46

Dems pick up Hugo, Jones, and Yancey for sure. Cox wins by a sliver.


D – 23

Dems pick up Dunnavant, Sturtevant, Wagner … DeSteph is toss up.

We will soon know the results of all the candidates. Stay tuned….

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