How Our Sports Show Our Worst

Many of Trump’s fanatics are furious that the United States won the World Cup. They hate soccer/football. They hate the idea that red blooded Americans might participate in the world’s second most popular sport. They ignore the fact that the United States is a major player in the world’s most popular activity, auto-racing, but whatever. Trump doesn’t like lesbians playing sports in America so we apparently have to despise our own country for his sake.

Did some of our players disrespect the country and the flag. Yes. But that’s nothing compared to what Democrats wished they would have done. I’m sure they’d have preferred our players burned our President in effigy. I’m sure Democrats would have preferred our players light themselves on fire in protest of the best economy we’ve experienced in decades.

But letting Democrats set the bar for what’s right and wrong, good and evil, American and un-American, is insane. But here we are.

Let’s be honest. Politics in the United States of America is nuts. African Americans would rather live in poverty than prosperity because, “screw Trump.” Rich, elitist, white, privileged Americans would rather reduce their standard of living in order to pay homage to the ridiculous narrative that America is bad for minorities. Conservatives willing to piss on the Constitution in order to “own the libs” have never been happier with our current fall from grace.

We’re all guilty.

I am confident that Democrats are bad for America’s public policy. They are bad for the economy. They are bad for our culture. They are bad for our discussions.

But Republicans don’t seem any better. Not at all.

President Trump is raising taxes every other day with his tariffs and trade wars. He doesn’t even need Congress. Like President Obama, he’s got a gosh darn pen and a phone and he knows how to use them.

Are Republicans as angry with Trump for raising taxes as they were with Obama? Of course not. Are Democrats as relaxed about government overreach as they were with their own personal Jesus Christ, Barack Obama? Of course not.

No. America has lost her damned mind.

Under no circumstances should our international victories be seen as political defeats. I just thank the political gods that the U.S. Softball team didn’t kneel or celebrate too hard or advocate for Planned Parenthood. Of course, their complete absence of political statements didn’t earn them any accolades from the right. Republicans simply ignored their victory, because … who cares? They are women and it’s softball.

I am disgusted with Republicans these days. Are they as bad as Democrats? Of course not. Should we punish them at the ballot box? Probably not.

Should we pretend as if somehow Republicans aren’t almost as bad as Democrats? Nope. No. No. Never. Not a chance.

The average Republican’s loyalty to President Donald Trump far exceeds their loyalty to their own country and that’s a serious problem. That’s why some of us adore Justin Amash.

Donald Trump is not a God. How he wins and how he owns the libs aren’t necessary for the victory of our principles. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity aren’t advocates. They are profiteers. They use your anger to get rich. And they love their riches.

I’m at the point where I’m wondering if there is anything worse than Republicans and Democrats. I’m at the point where I wonder if there’s any coming back from the brink Pelosi and McConnell have brought us to. I’m wondering if prepositions at the end of sentences might not be excusable.

So while Pelosi fights with Bernie, and McConnell fights with Trump for the sake of sanity, I don’t know that I care.

There are Americans angry that we won one of the most important international competitions in the world.

There are Americans happy that the men lost last night.

There are Americans who would rather us win or lose depending on how it fits their political narrative. And these people suck.

Congratulations U.S. Politics, you’ve ruined American culture.

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